Are you in for DIY e-liquids ?

Are you a regular DIY user or prefer not to bother with it ?
Tell us about your DIY experience
  1. How often are you vaping on your DIY liquids ?9 votes
    1. Almost exclusively on DIY
    2. Very often but on some ready made liquids too
    3. Half DIY/ Half ready made
    4. Tried DIY but not convinced
    5. Don't want to hear about DIY
  2. What flavour mixes ?9 votes
    1. Ready made flavour mixes
    2. Making my own recipes
    3. Both of the above
  3. How many flavours do you generally use for your DIY recipes ?9 votes
    1. 1 or 2
    2. 3 or 4
    3. 5 or more
    4. No rule, can be either of them above.
  4. Why do you make your DIY liquids ?9 votes
    1. It's way cheaper
    2. So I can adapt my liquids to my taste
    3. Both of the above
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  • Baker's flavors give you the most bang for the buck, as they are the most concentrated. I dilute them 4:1 in PG before using to make up my liquids.
    Use the colors of bottle caps to identify the contents as 'vapable, diluted, or concentrated.'
    More than one color for vapables is recommended to identify the nicotine level.
    I use quick steep for smaller test batches, using an ultrasonic cleaner. When I have a flavor I like, I steep the naturally.
    Look for a longer timer at least 30 min, preferably longer as you'll probably want a 2hr steep time. 1.5l capacity or more.
    As always, be aware of shipping costs, especially for cross-border shipping.
    Ethanol is boiled off after steeping to smooth the liquid. (Ethanol give a heavier throat hit. Many flavors have this as a base.)
    Develop at least three flavors you like to avoid 'vape tongue.'
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    DIY is not too difficult. The most important parts are accurate measurements, and good notes. Start small, and work up. There are lots of recipes on the net to get you started.

    What I'd like from Aspire is an RDA based on the Triton design. Make it from stainless steel. Give me top and bottom continuously adjustable adjustable air flow controls. Offset the posts to maximize the coil length. Perhaps they could offer optional three post bottom hardware. I'd like hex set screws rather than the slotted variety found in the Triton RTA. Include a hex wrench for the set screws. Cost should be under $20 USD.
  • I disagree......I would rather buy some good juices on the net and be waiting for vapemail than have to set up a lab in the already limited living space that I have. ~X(
  • @charlzrocks A small toolbox suffices to hold the supplies and equipment needed. The dining table provides a good work surface.

    Equipment needed is minimal:
    10ml graduated cylinder (grade A) (used to determine SG of all liquids)
    500gm X 0.01gm scale
    500gm calibration weight set (.003% accuracy)
    100gm calibration weight set (.003% accuracy)
    Nitrile gloves (disposable, for handling concentrated nicotine)
    3 x 100ml dropper bottles (PG, VG, nicotine base)
    1 X 10ml dropper bottle per flavour (vapable, for RDA flavour tasting)
    1 x 30ml dropper bottle per flavour (concentrated, for mixing)

    I mix by weight, not volume for higher accuracy and repeat-ability. The graduated cylinder is used rather than a volumetric flask as you may not get a full 10ml when you order a flavour. Something else to be aware of is that mixing 10ml of liquid 'A' with 10ml of liquid 'B' does not necessarily yield 20ml of liquid. It's the same theory as mixing equal volumes of stone and sand. I use Nitrile gloves when handling concentrated nicotine, but a dishwashing glove can be used instead. I dilute the flavours I use so that the amount used the vapable liquid is 5-10%. This means that for some flavours I have two concentrations.

    Basicly, this means my accuracy is within 2% for 1gm, 0.2% for 10gm, and 0.02% if I mix a 100gm batch. One hundred grams can be anywhere from 79 to 100ml, depending on the PG, VG and ethanol content.
  • @Old_Salt Hmmmm.....all fine and good but I would rather not have to get all the equipment, clear space on a table, buy the flavoring, buy more flavoring when I don't like what I got, etc. etc. ad naseum. I just don't wanna go thru all that rubbish, it's not for me. If others have the time, patience and space and $$....go for it! [-(
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    @charlzrocks It's not for everyone, but I enjoy it. I also get exactly what I want as far as PG/VG, nicotine and taste. Waste for recipes I don't like dropped to 1ml batches costing $0.17 rather than 30ml at a minimum of $17.50.

    Liquids here cost from $17.50 to $35.00 per 30ml. DIY liquids cost less than $5.00 for the same 30ml. The initial investment was less than $200, about $100 for equipment and $100 for supplies. As I go through about 60ml per month, and supplies are enough to make more than 1000ml, my ROI is less than 3 months. It sure beats smoking at $15 per day, about 80% of which is taxes. All figures are in CAD which has dropped from to less than .75USD.
  • I go through about 280ml of juice a month.
  • @Joel360 DIY would be worth your while. It's not difficult if you have the materials. It will be more challenging in the EU when the nicotine restrictions take effect. I like my flavours and nicotine at 5-10% of my final volume. I use 48mg/ml nicotine to make my final batch between 4 and 8mg/ml. It's the strongest my supplier will sell for personal use. This means I may reach 17% for some batches. I can get 100mg/ml from another supplier, but the volume is too large for me. It would last 5 years. :(
  • Have you checked out Mt Baker Vapor they have alot of DIY supplies?
  • Yes. Importing from them costs more than using Canadian suppliers. Our dollar has dropped dramatically in the past year. :(
  • Oh that sucks well I guess you have a good supplier.
  • I love DIY juices. Mount Baker got me into it, but have been using RTS Vapes for supplies since then. The prices are really good. I actually have spent close to nothing for mixing supplies, and have been eyeballing most flavors. I have a small graduated cylinder, a large syringe and assorted squeeze bottles. That's probably $10 worth of supplies, and maybe another $100 in VG, nicotine and an array of assorted flavors. I have some PG in the mail so I can mix some juice for higher resistance coils. All told, I can make about a gallon of various flavors, which is 3785 ml. That all works out to just under 3 cents per ml. At that price if I mess up a 15ml batch, I can throw it out, having lost 45 cents...

    I certainly don't want to deter anyone from buying at their local vape shop though. I believe in small business, and vaping has opened a fantastic venue for free enterprise. This system works if the majority buy their juice from shops (either B&M, or online) and the few DIYers do our thing in relative seclusion.
  • I steep out and make my own extracts into VG.
  • I keep intending on making my own juice, I even downloaded a calculator program from a friends site but have not got my supplies in yet to make my own batches.
  • I am to thinking of making my own.
    Think i will stick to basic flavors for now.
    What methords do you all use for steeping. Also do any of you quick steep. Using what??
    Any tips would be great for us beginners
  • I generally have 15 or more flavors at any time. I like to steep for about a week before vaping, but have been know to rush that for a new flavor. I haven't had to boil off ethanol, but not may of my flavors are heavy on ethanol anyway.

    @Old_Salt has the right idea of using an ultrasonic cleaner for quick steeping, although this is more of a thorough mixing than actual steeping. I just stir them well in a beaker before bottling, and it seems to work well enough for me.

    He also has the right idea behind "vape tongue". Personally, I like a fruity menthol blend that seems to cleanse my palate quite well, before moving on to a new or favorite daily vape. :)
  • Maybe I should look into mixing up my own batches as I get through 30ish ml a week of 18mg usually double menthol, I've tryed various shop bought menthol mixes in the past, the last one being a menthol blackcurrant but I thought it tasted a little like window cleaner so back to double menthol I went, I have a good source of ultra strength flavours available from here in the UK and a ultrasonic unit that has not seen any use in years. I was thinking of using syringes without the sharps for measurement purposes as easy to count and easy to clean.
    Any suggestions on anything I might be forgetting about!??!
  • Syringes are not very accurate for small amounts. Consider using weight. 100gm X .01, or 500gm X .01 scales are cheap. Don't forget a set of calibration weights.
    Oral syringes (without the needle) are available from pharmacies here at no or low cost.
    If you use the needles(sharps), a big bore is needed, and may not even be enough for VG. (mine are 14ga, and useless for PG)
    The needles(sharps) are handy for extracting flavors from the bottom of the bottle. Use big bore blunted needles.
  • Syringes of 1ml exist, accurate enough to make 10ml of your DIY liquid.
    For 30ml and up, a 5ml one is good enough.
    And as long as you know how many drops make a ml, using the bottle dropper is also rather precise.
    Why bother with scales and weights ?
  • Yeah, I use a 3ml syringe and it works great for large batches. I just measure drops of flavor for small batches. There are DIY sites where you can order blunt needle tips for cheap.

    @revvic one of my favorites is Thug Juice from Mt Baker, if you can get that where you are. A nice mix of berries and menthol. I also make a grape/menthol mix that is very nice. I just mention it because it seems you like the menthol flavors. ;)
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