Clean & Dry your Triton in Less than 5 Minutes!

Cleaning and drying the Triton is one of my pet peeves. The suggestion of 'leaving it in the window to air dry' just doesn't make the grade. Canned air gets expensive fast. I needed a better way.

This is how I do it:

  • Remove the drip tip
  • Remove the top air flow control
  • Set the Triton to 'fill'
  • Pour out any remaining liquid
  • Remove the base
  • Remove the atomizer
  • Put the drip tip, top airflow control and base into the pill vial
  • Fill 3/4 with Isopropanol, cover and shake
  • Pour out the Isopropanol, and repeat
  • Pour out the Isopropanol, put the drip tip, top airflow control and base into the ultrasonic cleaner
  • Put the tank into the pill vial, cover with Isopropanol and shake
  • Pour out the Isopropanol, set tank to 'vape' mode, cover tank with fresh Isopropanol, and shake
  • Put the Tank into the Ultrasonic cleaner, cover with warm water, and turn on the cleaner
  • Every 30 seconds remove the Tank, drain, switch modes, and replace in the cleaner
  • Turn off the cleaner, dry tank with paper towel, shake out as much water as possible
  • Set the tank to 'fill', carefully insert the Drying Needle into the tank through one of the fill holes
  • Turn on the air tum for two minutes, and hand dry the drip tip, top airflow control and base
The Triton is now Clean and dry. Re-assemble with your choice of coil.

Note:The 'Drying Needle' is made as follows:
Take a ball inflation needle and bend it to fit into the tank through a fill hole and around the chimney. It should almost reach the bottom of the tank. Use epoxy to cement a fitting to the top of the ball inflation needle. I removed the fitting from a small aquarium air stone by crushing the stone with pliers and nipping the remaining stone away.
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  • Mine does. I noticed this white o-ring shift when I first removed the Air Flow for drip tip. I've previously lost two similar white o-rings for the Nautilus drip tip, so I've become sensitized to them. They're hard to find back once you drop them. I didn't notice the o-ring labeled #6 before.
  • I will just use hot's much easier
  • It just takes too long to dry, even using boiling water.
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    Much too complicated for me (I'm a bit lazy ... :D ) .
    I use the ultrasonic cleaner with a drop of detergent (2-3 cycles and changing fill mode in between).
    Rinse with hot water, tap on my hand to get rid of most of the water.
    Eventually let it dry some extra time if no hurry but the few water left in the tank won't keep me from filling it up and vape.
  • Thanks for the tips @Old_Salt
    I'm still waiting for my ultrasonic cleaner to be delivered thanks to some stock issues - that should be with me today just in time for me to change juice :)
    I'm not sure ive got the patience to make a drying needle just yet though :P
  • 1. Take O-Rings off
    2. Place into Everclear
    3. Remove from Everclear
    4. Let dry for a few
    5. Replace O-Rings and enjoy

    That is how I do it.
  • I use hot water and let it dry overnight while using another tank to vape.
  • MMmmmm...Everclear....Good Choice! :D
  • I don't have access to Everclear, or other ethanol product with a concentration greater than 75.5%
  • @midnightwolf How many O-rings can you find in the Triton ?
  • 1 on the drip tip
    2 on the top afc
    1 in the chimney ?
    2 on the coil (atomizer)
    2 on the base
    8 total?
  • But does he remove all of them (not the one in the chimney in suppose ...) ?
    I hate to remove O-rings, they can be fragile.
  • @Cegoca I think 4 or 5. Too much juice in mine to count. 1 in drip tip, 1 afc, bottom pin and base assembly.
  • I have a couple of pictures from Aspire support regarding my initial leaking issue showing the O Rings they expect but I'll have to post those when I get home from work.

    I think there were supposed to be two in the upper section - but mine only had one there. I never had problems with the upper section though and I've not had any issues at all for almost four weeks (since I removed the 1.8 ohm and installed the 0.4 ohm coil)...
  • @Viruk Let us know what you hear from Aspire, regarding if there should be 1 or 2 O-Rings in the upper section for the chimney.. Thks
  • @Southy321 I've attached an image showing the picture sent to me by support (on the left, numbered) compared with my picture on the right (no number, no ring number 4).

    I noticed the email while I was still at work - but I expect that was later than working hours for support. I'll see what they respond with today and update if I have any success.

    Did your triton have an O-ring in the spot labelled as NO. 4 ?
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