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Here is my review of the Triton RTA. First, let me say that I have loved this tank since I received it. The 1.8 Ohm coil is just awesome for flavor, and I used mine for a month while waiting for my RTA to arrive.

I am fairly new to building coils, but was able to get quite a bit of practice before tackling this RTA. I have a dual coil dripper, and also a subtank mini, and have not had any issues at all with either. I used the coil that came with the Triton, and it was great at first but after about five days it started spitting and tasted like metal. OK, time to build a new coil.

I used 26 gauge Kanthal with a 3.5mm coil and stayed within specs for size. I have made 12-15 such coils, varying them a bit so they come in at a range of .6 Ohm to 1.5 Ohm. I tested every one before using them on my iStick 30W and my Cool Fire IV 40W mods. I am not a subohm fan, so I stay on the lower end of wattage, anywhere from 9 to 25 watts depending on the coil.

I have to say, this thing is driving me nuts. I wanted so badly for this to work that I have wasted a ridiculous amount of wire, cotton and juice. Every coil I put in this thing fires for about two hits, and shorts out. I am very careful that the coils do not touch the sides of the RTA, but no matter what I do they all short out!

I have never been so excited to experience a tank as I was with the Triton, and especially the RTA section. This is a huge disappointment for me, and I would appreciate any help on the subject, or a replacement RTA. I do believe there is something wrong with this one.
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    @watkijw here is suggested specification for Triton RTA coil

    For 26 gauge ,inner diameter 3.5mm,the suggested resistance is 0.9 ohm.
    Please make sure the wire doesn't contact the inner barrel(even a little contact will cause a short)
    Below is PBusardo's review for aspire triton tank and the RTA part,our engineer has saw PBusardo's RTA review,It is professional.You can have a look first.Next week,when we get our new camera,we will make a RTA video manual for users.
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  • Hmmm... can you post pictures, so we can see what might be the problem?
  • I have taken the RTA apart and put it back in the box now. There wasn't really anything obvious to look at...
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    Hmmm... I just finished a 1.5 ohm vertical with 24 gauge kanthal on the supplied rod in my RTA (lot's of extra wraps, and having a lathe to help wrap helps.), and it's pretty darn good.

    Have you checked out my web page about doing a vertical coil? Aspire's Triton RTA built as a BVC Give it go, the cotton wrapping around makes sure that nothing shorts out.

    The hardest part of the build is getting the right amount of cotton around the coil. But with some patients and trial and error (start fat, than remove cotton as needed) it works well. This time I pre-wetted the cotton with straight 10/90 PG/VG to keep it together and make unwrapping easier.

    About the only thing I'm not liking on this build, is it's a bit 'airy'. Next time I might go with some 26 gauge and a 2.5 or 2.0 mm rod. Also I will remember to wash the wire and my hands before assembly. I have a slight taste of machine oil from my dirty fingers. Do'h!!!!
  • @Guz may I suggest just packing the cotton around the coil and the wall of the RTA Kit. My 1.1 Ohm vertical coil is fantastic and is wicking so well with the supplied cotton from Aspire that I am not getting a dry hit even at 30 Watts. All I did was install the coil then pack the sheet around it after it was installed. The little screwdriver end of the RTA Kit helped in doing this.
  • GuzGuz
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    @midnightwolf yea, I'm still playing around with the best method of getting the cotton around the coil. I did try what you suggested, before. It works, but all the methods still take time, compared to a horizontal build.
  • piapia
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    watkijw said:

    I have to say, this thing is driving me nuts. I wanted so badly for this to work that I have wasted a ridiculous amount of wire, cotton and juice. Every coil I put in this thing fires for about two hits, and shorts out. I am very careful that the coils do not touch the sides of the RTA, but no matter what I do they all short out!

    I'm so sorry to say that, but i experienced same problems. Received the RBA this morning, and was really disappointing. Tried coils with 0.3 and 0.4, the screws just do not retain the wire enough. I don't have 0.5 or more, i guess it should be better, but not my vape.
    If you wish to make 1.8ohms coil, good luck... Recoiling the original coils is much more easy.

    I've been using daily 2 subtanks-mini with RBA for 6 months, (it was not my first coil!) which will remain my all-day setup, just waiting for Aspire to produce a "RBA V2", where we can use the wire size we want and with a simple system -just damn copy the subtank RBA V2 please !

    It is just my experience, the Triton itself is a good tank but it seems i had really bad karma with both 1.8/0.4 coils and RBA plate. :((

    EDIT : OK, figured out what was the problem : looking through the hole of the lower hardware part, the screw does not go "straight ahead" in the middle of the hole, but near a side, so a large holeremains and the wire is not blocked. Attached a pic as i'm not sure it is clear !

  • The parts for the RTA are probably not hand made. They are probably made on a CNC machine. It's unlikely that they are off the radius. A more likely cause is the screw hole not drilled deep enough, or threaded deep enough to secure the smaller diameter wire. This may be deliberate. The larger diameter wire could distort and get stuck if too much force is applied to the screw. If this is the case, you could drop a small ball bearing into the screw hole to clamp the wire.
  • On my RTA, the screw entirely fills the hole, not like the inside view above where the screw diameter looks way too small (or the hole way too large).
  • Sorry I have been offline for the weekend. I did spend some more time and effort, and finally found the problem. The lower hardware on my RTA is about one mm shorter than the prebuilt coils, and was causing a poor connection with the center post of the tank hardware. This bad connection made both of my batteries think there was a short. The Ohm meter would go haywire and the battery went into protection mode, which looked like a short but actually wasn't.

    My fix for this was to leave about 1.5 mm of wire sticking out the bottom of the RTA lower hardware hole, and bend the wire over. This covers the gap, and it is working now. There must have been an issue in the machining of my RTA, as I have not heard of this issue before. I still think a replacement part might be in order, but for now I am just glad I figured it out and my tank is usable again.
  • @Cegoca Mine too. I haven't had time to try it out as I'm still in my seven day review of the Triton itself.
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    I just made a try for the RTA with : Kanthal A1 0,25 mm (is it 31 gauge ?), 4 spaced turns on 0,25 mm, horizontal.
    Cotton Bacon.
    This gives me 1,72 Ohms on my Ohmmeter.
    I just need to adjust the cotton amount but it's technically feasible.
  • piapia
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    @Old_Salt @Cegoca : happy for you if your RBA screws are fine, tested others with mine but none of them fill the hole :((

    here is a pic (sorry for quality), the screw is in, you can see on the left, stil a big hole, i can not do more...

  • You've got a bad one then. Time to contact your retailer.
  • I think the screw hole (or whatever you call that :) ) is not correctly directing to the centre.
  • @Guz that looks pretty awesome - I will have to try building a BVC myself... :)
  • Old_Salt said:

    You've got a bad one then. Time to contact your retailer.

    Yes, i will ask @Tina or @Demi , or perhaps directly a mail to Aspire Online.
  • I did send an email to Abby at Aspire to see if I can get a replacement for this RTA. I don't think that is asking too much, so my hopes are high.

    I also made a vertical coil yesterday. I went with a 2.5mm diameter coil because I like the mouth-to-lung vape, but I think it was too small. I am getting some gurgling, but I think there is too much cotton stuffed in there. I will try a bigger coil tonight to see if it works better. All in all, I really think the vertical coil is going to be the way to go with this system.
  • This might be of interest to anyone wanting to get started with the RTA section
  • OMG not this hyperactive hippie again! LOL! He always cracks me up!
  • FYI, I made a 3.0mm diameter vertical coil and made sure I packed it properly with cotton. The thing works like a charm! It is more airy than a 1.8 Ohm prebuilt coil, but it hits really well and tastes great too. :)
  • Congrats about that, but how many wraps, gauge and ohms please ?
  • I was using 26 ga kanthal, came out to .9 Ohms. I didn't count the wraps, but would guess about 6 wraps on a micro coil.

    Hope that helps.
  • You did a micro coil or a normal coil ? (both vertical).
  • I did a micro vertical coil. I heated and compressed the coil before I installed it in the RTA.
  • OK, thanks, I'll try that this weekend.
    Did you use the cotton from the kit ?
  • I think I used up all the cotton from this kit, but I did stick with the same kind of Japanese cotton. Wrapping the cotton was the most difficult thing to get right - you want to fill the chamber but not choke the coil. My first coil was definitely choked. It takes some experimenting, but that is part of what makes vaping fun for me! :D
  • Then I think I'm less patient than you ;)
    But I'll give it a try anyway, thanks again !
  • My pleasure - I hope it works out for you!

    Keep calm and vape on... :)>-
  • GuzGuz
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    Oh god, I even posted on his Facebook page on how to build it as a vertical. I haven't had one dry hit. I'm loosing confidence in Rip Tripper.

    1. He really should have used the rod provided to wrap the coil. The 3/32 screwdriver is to small (3/32=0.09375" < 3mm (0.11811024")
    2. The larger diameter would have allowed more cotton to help wicking.
    3. He should have inserted the cotton prior to final assembly. He still could have done a pulse prior to clipping the wires. Loosen the bottom set screw, unscrew the base assembly, wick the cotton through the coil, then screw the base back on the upper.

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