nautilis mini ceramic coils

I'm looking for the ceramic coils for my nautilis mini....are you not making them anymore? Help, being told a bunch of different info. Thanks Jacquie
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  • @jhayes418 we at aspire listened to most customers' suggestion,we have changed the wick material from ceramic fiber to full Japanese organic cotton.
    Now all of our coils,the wick material is full Japanese organic cotton.
  • Really? I liked the ceramic....bummer!
    Can I ask When you changed the material?
  • @jhayes418 We have changed the material from December,2014
  • Thank you, you have been very helpful. One last question, was there heath issues involved with the ceramic? I Never had an issue, and I'm not a consumer that easily gets freaked out over stuff, like most....I wish there was still an option to buy the ceramic if we wanted to use that instead of the cotton. Do you have any stock left over to purchase?
  • @jhayes418 Thank you for your concern,there were some talks about the ceramic firber material we used in our Atlantis atomizer/BVC coils last year.We at aspire
    have paid high attention to this discussion and gave the responsible responses,here is the link for our

    We are sure that it is safe as long as it’s properly used and kept saturated during use.

    Doubts and fears are due to the lack of cognition. Due to the unfamiliar and unknown on the ceramic fiber used in Atlantis atomizer/bvc coils,customers prefer to accept the things they known like organic cotton.We at aspire listen to customers' voice, Aspire R&D team has been researching to use the organic cotton which is widely accepted by people instead of our present material,after testing,we found that the flavor is more better just like customer suggested.
    We changed the material from December,2014,I am sincerely sorry that we don't have the old material coil in stock.
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