solve the juice spitting problem ( how I do it)

ok, I've been vaping off my triton for couple days now and i noticed some juice spitting problem. its not that noticeable, its not spitting a large amount of juice but enough for my tongue to feel it. this is what I did. the triton has a 2 piece design drip tip( mouth piece), i find a piece of cotton pad that my sister use to remove make up, cut a small square piece off( around 1/3 inch) and loosely place it into the lower piece, the one with heat sink. test the air flow and adjust to your like. this can also solve the condensation in the top drip tip also. this method works for atlantis too i would think, instead of placing it in the heat sink, just get some cotton in the drip tip.

again i don't have a atlantis so i can't say it will work 100% of time, but how big of the different is? its just a drip tip.
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  • it act as a shield, so you dont have to replace it so often. i vape dark juice, so its very noticeable when the cotton gets dark, when it gets to a point that you think is tooooo disgusting, replace it.( or leave it in if you want lol). simple and yet effective.
  • The problem you are having is the Juice you are using as some juices especially the type of PG that is used will hit a boiling point which causes the spitting. Also some juice flavoring from certain manufactures is causing this issue as well. What type of Juice are you using? Are you at 50PG/50VG or are you using a higher VG vs PG like 70 VG / 30 PG. Do you make your own juice or are you using pre-made juice from your local vape shop?
  • I'm using the 1.8 ohm coil cuz i still have some 11,12mg left trying to use it all first and people here suggest sub ohm with 6mg or below. the juice im using is totally wicked titan liquid coffee flavor, I think its 70pg/30vg.
  • @dmiller622 see before I got my triton in the mail, before I did any research on what type of juice people are using on sub ohm tanks, i bought couple bottles of halo juice (cafe mocha, belgian cocoa, these 2 i havent open yet and twisted java which is nasty), with out knowing that I should be using high VG juice. so now I'm stuck with these halo juice not knowing their pg/vg ratio. ive seen people stating that they compared halo with some high vg juice and halo juice are for sure on the high pg end. what do i do with these not yet opened juice?if its like you said some high pg juice cause the spitting problem, surprisingly to see that happen on a 1.8 ohm coil. but i guess now im just out of luck, gotta finish what I already bought before i can throw in the 0.4 coil.
  • I had spitting and gurgling with the 1.8 ohm coil with firstly 70/30 PG/VG and then again with 50/50 juice.

    I then went out and bought some 20/80 PG/VG juice, swapped to the 0.4ohm coil and had much more success. I think there's a bit of trial and error involved until you find what works for you
  • PG tends to boil more than VG since VG is more sustainable material when it comes to heating up. Halo juice is not the best juice to sub-ohm on and basically it is best suited for cartomizer type e-cigs as Halo was one of the first major juice manufactures out there that started back in the day. So they have changed there product to be more suitable to the new age e-cig, but I would stick to higher VG like 80VG/20 PG or even 70VG/30PG 3mg nic or lower.
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