The first letter from aspire to customers

Dear Customers,
When you're using Aspire's products, we believe that there will be a lot of good things happen, also with the trouble and anguish,We at aspire value customers' supreme experience , we have been improving our products and service, hoping our products can bring you more happiness and joy.We've been receiving a lot of users'letter, some one shares his real experience with us, some one tells us that our products changed their family life,making their life better.When we received the letter from Michael Payne, said that our products help him overcome, quiet drugs ,Bring him more happiness life,we decide to open a new forum here, hoping more people to share their story to spread positive energy and happiness.
Thank you,Michael Payne,you are a Kind and brave man,you make us believe that success belongs to the persevering.
Wherever you go,Whatever you do,we will be right here waiting for you. :D
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  • The Atlantis , being a sub ohm coil tank will give you warmer hits due to increased heat produced by the sub ohm coil itself. In my experience, popping and spitting comes from nearly all coils of any ohm rating. Caused sometimes by impurities in the juice, sometimes from moisture buildup in the coil (think of dripping water onto a hot frying pan and you get the picture). If you are getting "Hot" hits with the Atlantis, try a larger airflow setting and draw on it harder (pull more air). This should cool you vape dramaticaly. Also, certain "Darker" juices have a tendancy to gunk up your coil faster. The flow of juice through the cotton becomes somewhat restricted due to impurities in the juice itself. This can cause your coils to go bad prematurely (dry and burnt hits).
  • Hello.Was wondering if there's a coil that holds up longer.Im using the Aspire atlantis.I puff on it pretty often, refilling 4 times a day.I keep the level up so it doesnt run dry.I begin the draw before I press the power, then let off the power before my draw is done thinking it will stay cooler.My very first coil lasted 3 days before it started popping alot and spattering.Any tips? Thanks
  • The popping and gurgling isn't necessarily a "bad" coil, it may just be slightly flooded with juice. The coil will literally give a burnt taste when it is truely gone bad.
  • @charlzrocks Couldn't be said any better in my opinion... B-)
  • Thanks @southy321 I calls 'em like I sees 'em!
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