Are you allowed to vape at work?

Do you boss/colleages allow you to vape at work?Do they see it as unacceptable? Of course this depends on where you work. But say if it is office based or exterior work etc...? :-/
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  • I was not allowed to smoke in my company car, but boss said that vaping is ok. Although he doesn't condone vaping....he doesn't object to it either. So either at the shop or on the road, vaping is ok with him (as long as I am not filling a room with vapor!)
  • I'm allowed to vape in the back, out of sight of our clients.

    The city I live in has classified vaping equal to smoking so all the same rules apply. Outside, 20 feet from any entrance, etc. But my boss doesn't see the harm in gaping, and likes the smell of it.

    Soon the fun will really begin, as my city is going to ban smoking in cars with anyone under 18 in the vehicle. As it stands since vaping=smoking, this will include vaping :(
  • We are allowed to vape at work,girls and women use aspire nautilus mini with CF vv+ battery.
    Boys and men use Atlantis or Atlantis 2 or Atlantis mega

    We are vaping! :))
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