$400 Spent on coils since January HELP

Hello, I switched to the Aspire Atlantis tank after horrible experiences with all Kanger products.  The first coil that came with the tank lasted me over a week.  Since I changed that FIRST COIL (with the replacement coil that came IN THE BOX) I have been burning through ONE COIL PER DAY IF NOT MORE.  I have been priming the coils appropriately, letting them sit for 10 minutes, dry hitting, then starting on 14w and moving up slowly never going past 20w and I have NEVER HAD a coil last more than one day.  I replaced the tank.  Same issue.  The first coil was a great experience, but I have been going bankrupt replacing these coils! I called Customer Support and they suggested that I post here as the moderators are quick to respond.  At $20 per box of 5 coils and with no one (including the Aspire rep I spoke to) having ANY IDEA how to stop this problem, I am at a loss.  I shouldn't have to spend this much money on coils, and shouldn't have to buy yet ANOTHER tank.  Your company makes great products but I am becoming increasingly frustrated at my situation.  I implore you for troubleshooting, and perhaps some coils for my trouble! (And I have indeed verified each and every box of coils is authentic by the scratch pad).  PLEASE HELP! 
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  • I started a new discussion about this as I seem to have been the whistle blower on this issues Aspire claims to have no knowledge of. It's called "Aspire should offer refunds for their defective products". I encourage everyone to take the comments there as Tina keeps passing the buck onto someone else. If enough of us speak, one of us will be heard!
  • I want to know what kind of battery did you use?

    What is the vg proportion of your e-juice?If your e-juice contains high nicotine /sugar/sweet content?
    Did you check the security code on our website:https://www.aspirecig.com/,are the original?

    All pack coils burnt out less than one day?

    Did you refill the tank in time before the e-juice inside the tank completely used up?what's more,every refilling,you need let the coil soak up e-juice for 3-5minutes.
  • I use a 50w estick and yes I've gone through all those steps including checking for authenticity. I use Unicorn Milk 18 nic and my uncle and cousin have the exact same setup and juice and don't have the problem. As I said the coil that came IN the original tank lasted over a week. I never burn it over 20w. I warm it up after the ten minutes priming and dry hit. I start at 10w, and progress slowly up to 20. I've baffled store employees and phone customer service with this. I got this tank because it was supposed to solve the problem I was having with coils. It's so frustrating to add up all the money spent on coils when I'm doing everything as specified and no one else has ever heard of this problem. I even replaced the tank! Please help!
  • Are you vaping a 18mg liquid on an Atlantis ? :#
  • Yes. The people at the shop said it was the only tank that could handle it without moving to a duster. Plus as I mentioned, both my cousin and uncle have the exam same setup and juice/nic level with zero coil issues.
  • Both your cousin and uncle use the Atlantis 2 with the 0.3 ohm coil and same e-juice,no problem?

    You didn't answer my question"All the coils from the 5pcs pack can not last one day?"

    If yes,Would you please take very clear pictures to show the packaging of the black box from each angle
    What's more,please take a very clear pictures to show the aluminum foil which hold the coils
    At last ,please take a clear picture to show the  inside structure of the coil,let the coil stand up,the big hole upwards .Look down on this coil and take the picture.

    And send the pictures to our service:service@aspirecig.com

    Our engineer will check the details

  • One coil lasts a day or less. I will send the photos. Thank you for answering.
  • I am not an expert, however to me it sounds like your mod is firing way too high (and thus frying the coil) and that the mod itself may not be giving you accurate readings. Have you checked the mod with a voltmeter to make sure that it is accurate?? Whatever it is, good luck...I hope that you find the problem!

  • I inquired about that at the store and they tested it. It's good. Everyone's baffled!
  • Our service pass your email to me,you lost some information.

    I answered your email,please check.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Do you use a direct long inhale with your Atlantis with a 18mg nicotine level ?
  • I don't know what you would consider long. Somewhere between pulling on a regular cigarette and puffing on a cigar. And I don't vape continually through the day. I take a couple puffs in the morning. A couple in the afternoon. Heaviest time is at night (after my son goes to bed) and even then it's maybe 45 of a puff every few minutes.
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    Sorry, misspelled : read "lung" instead of "long".
    When you puff a cigarette, you do it the indirect way : first in the mouth, then in the lungs.

    With an Atlantis, you have to take a deep puff directly to the lungs, like you were breathing through a straw.

    But careful, 18mg nicotine will be way too much aggressive, try much lower, 3 or 6mg max.
    This might be the reason of your problem with the coils as the direct lung inhale airflow will keep the temperature down.

  • Thanks for the tip!
  • You're welcome.
    Don't forget to give a feedback after your try ;)
  • I have noticed the hits are better tasting that way but the coil problem remains. :(. The thing that is so baffling is that the original coil that came with the tank lasted over a week! That's what is really frustrating me. I know the experience I could be having and just can't get it! ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
  • My fiance and me both have the exact same problem!!! Went through so many packs of coils and nobody could figure out why it was doing that too!! I even bought a different mod so I can control the watts to see if we were using it too high, but nope they still burned up!! So frustrating!! We're not rookie's either so we know how to prime it, inhale properly, etc. I also seen quite of few people saying the same thing on Facebook. Can someone please email me as well so I can get help on this situation as well?
  • Nikki thank you!!!!!!!! I've been emailing with Tina which I have to admit I'm starting to find quite frustrating as it seems there is just no answer but "change your juice". What's the point of purchasing a product of you can't use your preferred juice with it? The product was designed to handle the thicker juices, and the first inhale I took of this juice got me off cigarettes after 17 years. At least you're commiserating in my misery! I too have googled and found many people complaining of this problem and there just doesn't seem to be an answer :(.
  • I had issues with a different tank don't know if the problem could be related.
    I have been vaping a Nautilus tank and using the ceramic BVC's since they hit the market.  I was blown away by there performance and how long the coils lasted.  Then when my supply got low I ordered more BVC's only to find they had been changed to cotton.  I had nothing but problems with the new cotton ones.  They seemed to gurgle and burn quick.  I use a 50/50 juice and I was also told to change my juice but I didn't want to.

    The old coils worked fine. I used a MVP and my sweet spot was at 10 watts 4.3 volts.   Then they changed to organic cotton and I'm almost pulling my hair out trying to get the stupid things to work right.  I finally took advice from another member on here and got a different tank.  I got the Atlantis 2 and stepped up to a new MVP 3.0 mod.  I had to get the new mod because the old MVP didn't go high enough in wattage.  

    I figured out my BVC problem

    These new cotton coils wick better. My 50/50 juice just over saturated the cotton.  Vaping them as I always did at 10 watts 4.3 volts didn't allow the coil to vaporize the juice correctly.  Because the coil was very saturated the juice would cook on the coil, caramelize,  then burn. It cooked more of the juice then it vaporized.   Increasing my wattage to 13.5 watts at 4.9 volts (MVP 3.0 automatically adjusts voltage to the wattage) Has corrected my issues.   I would get about a day out of these new cotton coils about two tank fill ups.    Since increasing the wattage I'm now on my 8th tank fill up on the same coil.  Tons of vapor production and no dry/burnt taste.   This is with my Nautilus using a 1.6 ohm BVC at 13.5 watts 4.9 volts.

    What ohm coil are you using?  At what wattage?   Are you vaping them at a high enough wattage?   With my Atlantis 2 I use the 0.5 ohm coil at 29.5 to 30 watts with no problems.  That's with a 50/50 juice.   

    What is the ratio of your juice?  Thinner juice may be over saturating the coil.  If your wattage is to low it could be doing more cooking then vaporizing.

    0.3 ohm - 70 Watts to 80 Watts
    0.5 ohm - 20 Watts to 30 Watts
    1.0 ohm - 40 Watts to 50 Watts

    My MVP 3.0 mod goes to 30 watts so that is why I use the 0.5 ohm coil,  it is in my mods range  20 - 30 watts.  

    So using a New Coil not one that has already started to caramelize.  Find your coils ohm rating and start out vaping it with in its wattage rating not lower.  

    With the 50w istick I'd stay away from the 0.3 ohm coils with a wattage rating at 70 - 80 watts.  Your 50 watt istick would be to low.   You want to vaporize the e-juice not cook it.

    And if you try to use a coil that has already started to caramelize from the lower wattage "cooking"  the higher wattage will most likely burn the caramelization giving you a burnt taste.

    This is just my experiences and a idea as to what your problem could be.....
    Hope this helps or you find a solution soon. 

    • I am not an expert, however to me it sounds like your mod is firing way too high (and thus frying the coil) and that the mod itself may not be giving you accurate readings. Have you checked the mod with a voltmeter to make sure that it is accurate?? Whatever it is, good luck...I hope that you find the problem!

    Naturally when you think of "burning" coils you think oh the wattage is to high.   It also could be the opposite....  You want the juice that's in contact with the coil to vaporize off the coil. To low of a wattage can sometimes cause part of the juice to vaporize and also part of it to remain on the coil "simmer" caramelize and burn.  Or just gunk up quick.
  • I vape at 20w and use a very thick juice almost like syrup.  I'll try all these suggestions so glad I'm not the only one frustrated and going broke.  At $20 a pack for coils this is ridiculous! Thanks everyone!
  • So a brief update for everyone. I was communicating with Tina from this board via email. She has since started ignoring my emails and I never got a response, or a resolution to my problem. I am still going broke buying coils and Tina has chosen to ignore me because we were talking privately and not in this public forum. So i am hoping I can get some advice from someone who won't ignore me.
  • coppekat said:

    Both my cousin and uncle have the exam same setup and juice/nic level with zero coil issues.

    So why don't you check with them ?

  • Any update I just got my atlantis 2 just over 48 hours ago and I'm just about to put in my third coil. Seems to be the same problem.
  • @coppekat I am sorry that there is something wrong with my email box,What's more,I am very busy with our new products,I have passed your original email to our service:service@aspirecig.com,she will help you.
  • Tina, I sent you the photos you requested over a month ago, which you said you were sending to the engineering dept. to check on. If you are too busy to do these things, perhaps you shouldn't represent that you will.
  • As for your question, " why don't I check with them" Cegoca, as I mentioned several times I have and they are as befuddled as everyone else.
  • Try the liquid from your uncle, his might be a newer batch as they changed the receipe (no more titanium dioxide they had put in th the orininal).
  • Hey there coppekat, sorry to hear you're having this kind of trouble. As Thegeodeman2005 said check your wattage rating for the resistance on the atmoizers you're using. Too little power is just as bad in some ways as too much. I can wholeheartedly understand how insanely frustrated you must be about this. I know how it feels, a little. I have fried a brand new coil when switching from one device to another while they are at different power settings. (Twice with brand new coils in one week.) Anyhow check closely at what your particular coil's suggested ratings are and see if you can't find a sweet spot for your vaping preferences in that range. Also the viscosity of your juice could definitely be a factor. I tend to vape 50/50 or 70vg/30pg blends. I never had any similar issues with my Atlantii. I do have some pure VG back home. I could always give it a test shot.

    Hopefully our suggestions can clear this up for you.
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