How to become Aspire reviewers and get Aspire Atlantis Mega


I hope you are well,
My names Andy Roberts, I run a vaping review channel... and before you stop reading because you think I’m another guy trying to obtain some free products... thats not what this email is about.
I’ve been running the channel Vapemix for around 4 months and have a modest amount of subscribers (476). I love reviewing vaping products, its my passion.
I was wondering if you could maybe tell me what it is you look for in a youtube review channel, in order to send them devices for review? Is there a style or look you go for or is it based upon their subscriber base. Im just trying to be the best reviewer I can and feel maybe a company such as yours, with such a foot in the market, know what works for you and therefore any advice you can give would help make my channel grow.
I understand you might not have the time to answer this question, you must be incredibly busy. But thank you in advance if your able to take the time to read this.
link to my channel HERE
All the best

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  • Hi friend,

    Thank you very much for your email and your interest of Aspire!
    We will add all of the reviewers who have asked for samples from us on our reviewers list, and when we have new products for review, we will contact the most professional and famous reviewers to send out the free samples for review, thank you!

    Aspire KIKI
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