Started having problems with the BVC's

I have been using the BVC's for my Nautilus tanks and mini's. The performance of the BVC's have always been the best. Well it was.......

Is it just me?
The BVC's I'm getting now have larger holes in the sides. Is this a design change? I have noticed a big decrease in the performance with these coils with the bigger holes and they don't last near as long as they did. Also they turn the juice in my tank brown very quickly.

I tried a new pack of coils from a different well known vendor and the same thing. I'm getting these BVC's with the bigger holes. And before anyone asks yes I have check the code and they show authentic or is original.

I have been vaping for awhile now. I have been using BVC's since they came out with no problems. I haven't changed anything. The only change is the holes in the coils got bigger and there performance went down.
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  • Mm, interesting you mention this. I was wondering the same but more about the size of the holes.
    I have a Pack of 5 (Genuine) 1.6ohm coils. The 4 air holes are a fair bit smaller than the 1.8ohm coil. I thought this was normal. Today I bought another Nautilus Tank which came with 1X1.6ohm and 1 X 1.8ohm. I noticed that the 1.6ohm coil airholes were identical to the 1.8ohm coil.

    Has their been a Product change in the design of the 1.6ohm coils and are they mean to have the same size air holes as the 1.8ohm?
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