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I placed my order end February with two ESP 30W box mods and few other things.
Can you tell me if my order has been shipped today as forecasted ?

Thank you.

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  • Dear Cegoca,
    I think your order will be a little delay. :cry:
    Because,the new battery ESP is out of stock now,but We are working around the clock to finish the order as soon as we can.
    Please kind enough wait for some days.

    Wish you all the best!
  • I see "9948 units in stock" ?
  • Cegoca" said:
    I see "9948 units in stock" ?
    Really? :o
    Just check our online store,didn't find the sentence "9948 units in stock" :!:
  • Well, just two units less since then : 9946 (mines I hope ;) )

  • HollisOn" said:

    Im new to this so not sure how this works but i placed this order on the 14th April, just wanted to know if this has come through to you or if you have been notified of the order placed.


    Dear Luke,
    If you want us to check your order statues,if yes,you need tell us your order number.

    Wish you all the best!
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