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I've been using classical Aspire ET-S clearomizer since a long time but since 2/3 months there is a problem with it and we (friends and customers from a big shop in my city) are having the same issues.

The resistances(coil) are no longer efficients for 4 weeks but now for only 1 week (and we haven't change our using at all). You know, for this first time i'll be a cool and nice customer and hope your answer will be as well. But we talk about it every week and we aren't foolish. The pre-programmed death of products are now well-knowned all around the world and as a politician might say : "We just ask ?". But to be honest, obviously has opered a huge change in the resistance efficiency, understand time oriented values.

The calculation is simple. Here in France it's 9.90€ for a 5 pack. Now they are useless just in a week. 4 times less. You've just increased your benefits by 4 on the resistances(coil).

Please, tell me that we (friends and customers from a big shop in my city) are wrong...

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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire and sorry to hear that.
    Our coils use a contact structure where resistance will occur when the spring connector is in direct contact with the heating coil. It is possible that the resistance displayed on your battery can be different from the actual resistance depending on the model of the vaporizer. For example, the resistance could display 1.8ohm when you use the coil in a ET-S, but show 2.5ohm when used in the CE5. This is normal and is a result of the structure of the vaporizer itself, and will not impact the use for vaping.
    The coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid all can impact the coils' life.
    Many users use the product without reading our manual, the coils are not screw into the hardware tightly, it will burn out quickly.

    After refilling,customer need let the tank sit for awhile, to allow the coil to soak up the liquid, some people add some liquid to the coil before installing. After it sits for a little bit, you should take a few pulls, or dry hits.
    What you do is take a hit, but do not press the battery button. This pulls the liquid into the coil.

    What's more,please refilling the tank in time before the e-juice inside the tank completely used up to avoid burn taste.
    Every refilling,please let the device stand up for 3-5 minutes.

    Here are our chief engineer suggestion to use our products correctly:
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.
    For our 1.8ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:4.2V-4.8V,use it with voltage adjustable battery,never use our 1.8 ohm coils with high-power wattage adjustable Mod,if once customer to use our coils with wattage exceed 11W Conscious or non conscious.the structure will be damaged,despite how low wattage customer used later,the burn taste will never solved.
    What's more,high proportion of VG e-juice or high sugar/sweetener content e-juice will also affect the coils life.we suggest to use our products with VG proportion less than 50%(we usually use 0%-20% in our daily test using)

    Have a nice day!
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