My Nautilus is supposed never had been released.

Hello erveryone... :)

New vaper since October 9th 2014, I bought this day an Aspire Nautilus and a Supreme mod, in a french vaping shop, near my home.
I only used these since that time.

A few days ago, I discovered my clearomizer was very strange, as I decided to use it on a box mod, without succes, because of non-suitable 510 connection.

Let me show you :

image image

Of course, this is not a 510 connector !
But I bought it welded like this...

I can precise that scratch code test has been validated by your system.

Could you please explain me how this is possible and how being able to use it on any 510 battery ?

For instance, it's completly impossible, even on Aspire CF VV... :roll:
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  • Dear Customer,
    Do you mean your nautilus mini can not screwed into aspire cf vv battery?

    Have a nice day!
  • It almost looks like part of a battery is stuck onto the 510 threads. And if it isn't, that isn't a Nautilus. Have you tried going back to the place where you bought it and ask them for help?
  • Nevermind that post guys.
    He thought the connector was welded to his Nautilus but after insisting, he finally could unscrew the thing.

    Now it's loose again ;)


    And it's a genuine Nautilus too !
    Support in France here ! ;)
  • Hello everyone... :)

    Be sure I'm so confused to have said so stupid things... :oops: :oops: :oops:
    I apologize so much !

    In fact, it was this 510/eGo adapter that had been so strongly screwed that I really thought it was welded...

    I had to make a really strong effort to unscrew it, after many attempts.

    I'm just a stupid guy...

    But I love Nautilus and mini version too. :mrgreen:

    Maybe staff could decide to erase this topic.

    Have a good day and good vaping to everybody... ;)
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