Aspire CF VV+

Is the top part of the Aspire CF VV+ removable? It seems like its two separate pieces but I'm not sure if it is removable. I mean the part that's pointed as Stainless Steel in this picture:

I'm asking because with my Mini Protank 3 the air holes are inside that stainless steel cover and I'm not sure if that's OK or if it hurts performance.
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    That outer ring on the VV+ IS NOT removable but it also WILL NOT hurt the performance of your tank very much either. There is a few mm of clearance all around when using slim tanks like your Protank or older Aspire models.

    I use my VV+ with slim sample tanks all the time when shopping for juice at my local shops. It works just fine sitting below the outer ring. But if you are worried about it ... upgrade to the mini Nautilus tank!

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