I own an aspire nautilus, for some months and the last 1-2 weeks this product has been a nightmare. And the worst thing is I have no other tank so every single day I have to bear all the difficulties.

The problem is, the deck is stuck. I cannot open my tank to fill juice. So I googled and one advice was that Put a cloth around the ss part (airhole etc) and close the edge of the door on that part so tank is stuck between door and frame. Then I try to open the tank by trying to rotate the glass part. Most of the time it works, but today it does not work anymore. It is soo stuck.

I am sooo frustrated! Every day I have to deal with this and everyday I risk my health trying to open your tank. And now this method doesn't work as well. What should I do tomorrow, buy a pack of winstons? I soo regret buying this tank and you now the worst part? I ordered a mini too before this problem started. Probably that will get stuck as well, I read a post on the forum.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    t is good practice that during readiness of the Nautilus Mini or nautilus, you should
    ensure that all seals and attachments are connected or screwed down
    securely. We suggest the use of soft lint free gloves or cloth, much like
    those used to clean eye-glasses, to help with the disassembly so
    that you do not scratch the glass tank. We also advise the application of
    just a few drops of e-liquid along both the sealing silicone and rim of
    the glass tank for the first using, which will help to ensure a solid leak free seal exists
    during usage, and would enable you to unscrew and detached the bottom half
    for refilling with greater ease and a less likelihood of damaging the
    Details here:
    Have a nice day!
  • These methods do not work! Everyday it is stuck!
  • Dear Customer,
    The method that a few drops of e-liquid along both the sealing silicone and rim of the glass tank before using is useful,we do more than ten test for it.
    Have a nice day!
  • Koggy12,

    OK, one last thing to try: Keep the tank attached to the battery. Remove the drip tip. While holding FIRMLY onto the battery give a couple quick flicks with the tank away from you. MAKE SURE TO HOLD ON TIGHT!!! As you don't want to have everything flying across the room. You might have a vacuum inside the tank. The flicks might equalize the pressure inside the tank.

    But as Tina said, after you fill the tank, coat the silicone seal on the base with some e-juice. Go all the way around the circumference then screw it back onto the tank. Then wipe any e-juice off the outside with a tissue. This will help later when you have to unscrew the base to refill the next time.

    Here is a picture of where to coat the base gasket:

    But to make doubly sure, put a light coat around the base of the tank too.

    Also, it gets easier later as the base gasket get's it's memory shape for the tank.
  • I just purchased the mini.
    I cannot open the tank out of the box!

    I havent even filled it yet. IT WONT LET ME.

    heres an idea... make a tank that can be filled
  • just broke my new tank trying to open it.
    waste of money
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