My coil is leaking

I have an aspire BDC tank. I have had it for almost a year now. And just recently my liquid has been leaking through my coil and is getting on the screw in part of the battery. Do I need to change tanks? I have replaced my coils and nothing works. I have been having to keep q-tips on my to clean the battery. Is there any tricks I can do to stop this from happening or like I said just end up changing the tank?
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  • This is actually a common occurance with BDC coils on the eGo style.

    It is just simple condensation that forms in the airflow chamber and will accumulate on the battery top. You can just clean it out once a day with a Q-tip and it will be fine. There is a seal pressed in with the tops of the eGo center pin and it will not leak into the battery.

    You should train your vaping habit so that you release the fire button a second before you finish inhaling. This way you clear the chamber of all vapor and reduce the condensation from forming.
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