problem with the Atlantis coil

Hello aspire! I have an issue with the Atlantis coil. I just got it yesterday brand new, seal and I'm already having a burn taste. I have been vaping it between 25w to 27w which is supost to be in range. I took the coil head off to check and I can see that the middle part off the coil is all dark and burn. Please come up with a solution. I love ur products btw
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  • Dear chikitabb2013,
    Thank you for supporting aspire and feedback your using experience.
    What kind of battery did you use?Would you please tell us its name?
    What is the vg proportion of your e-juice?
    Did you dry burn the coils?
    Did you refill the e-juice in time?
    Best regards!
  • I'm using ipv2 with a Samsung 25r 18650. Like i said previously I vape it between 25w to 27w. The e-juice I'm using is 70vg 30pg. I do refill the e-juice on time. I got the experience from the Nautilus mini. So I really know how to use your product. I already switched to the second coil head that is included and I'm hoping the best.
  • I used the ipv2 50w regulated mod but been vaping at 25w around. INR18650 Samsung 25R. My e-juice is 70vg 30pg, I do refill the tank as soon as it is 1/4 of its capacity. I have the aspire Nautilus mini since September 2014 and haven't had any issues at all. I am an experience vaper and rebuild my RDA's so I really know what I'm doing with the Atlantis. Thanks for your attention
  • We need more information chikit.

    It sounds like you started vaping before the coil wicking material was fully saturated with liquid...
  • I waited like 20 minutes to fully saturate the wicking material. As I said before I own the Nautilus mini so I know how it works. I'm using the ipv2 with the INR Samsung 25R 18650 battery 20A. I vape around 25w which is around 3.9 V with the .5 ohms coil. My e-juice is 70vg 30pg. I have seen other people's post on this forum and it seems I am not the only one having this problem with the Atlantis coil heads. Please fix your product and don't put all the blame on your costumers
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