Nautilus constant burnt taste

Was so excited when I finally got my Nautilus. Huge tank--definitely what I was looking for. In just four days, I've gone through 3 coils. Changing airflow, juice, power, coils; nothing works. Constant burnt taste. Checked product authenticity code for the Nautilus and replacement codes-they are authentic. This was a total waste of money. Is there a way to fix this?
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  • must first say I'm a noob at this. Used both coils/atomisers that came in the original box (security codes check out on all products), and two replacement coils (aspire nautilus 1.8 ohm), battery is also aspire 1600mAh CF VV set at 3.3. Juice 50/50 pg/vg. Let the juice soak for two days to ensure everything soaks. Started burning taste after just three draws. Battery works well with the Kanger Pro 3 mini, but I wanted better vapour production and bigger tank. I've tried every air hole setting--no difference in taste, only pull. Every hit is a nasty, burnt taste-- can't bring myself to inhale without massive coughing fits.
  • This is now the 3rd topic i have posted.

    Here are the answers to your list of questions.

    1- both BDC and BVC coils (all Authentic!)

    2- 1.6 oHms and 1.8 oHms

    3- I am using both a MVP 2.0 and a Vamo v5

    4- I would start at 7w and with good coils I. go higher slowly to between 9w to 10w.

    5- My juices are 60pg/40vg, fruity flavors that are not too sweet.

    6- I would start getting the burnt taste after 2-3 pulls on the Nautilus. After that the taste got a lot worse, extremely nasty!

    I hope this helps to get this issue resolved. I'm just about ready to retire my Nautilus. I wanted an Atlantis but I fear the same burnt coils, It seems like I have to buy 2 5packs of coils to get ~4 good ones. This is not right!!!
  • What kind of coils did you use? BDC or BVC coils?
    The problem occurs on both, less on BVC i believe. How can I tell them apart?
    What is the resistance of your coils?
    Problem occurs on 1.6 and 1.8
    What kind of battery did you use? What voltage did you use?
    VAMO and Spinner. I always use low voltages, 3.0 - 3.2
    What is the proportion for the PG:VG of your e-juice?
    I believe 50/50, I'm using Space Jam "Andromeda"
    How long did you use before you got burn taste?
    Varies from coil to coil, anywhere from immediately to about 2 days of use

    At this point I need to plug the air holes and repeatedly inhale before each use, this is ridiculous.
    ...if we have 50% or 70% vg proportion e-juice,the average life is 3-5days...
    You are OK with only lasting for 3 days? If you find that acceptable then I certainly won't be purchasing more from you. I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get perform well and it just doesn't last. And this is sad, because when it works, it works really well.
  • I have the same problem with the Aspire Nautilus Mini with 1.8ohm BVC Coils

    I have tried three Battery Units:
    ApolloVTube v3.0
    ZNA 50
    A basic Variable Voltage Ego Unit Loaned by someone

    A Number of eJuices:
    Apollo Simply Tobacco
    PureVape Cherry Bakewell (100% VG)
    PureVape Spearmint (100% VG)
    PureVape Strong Coffee (100% VG)
    Cambridge Vaping Banana Drama (50/50)
    Vaping King Strawberry Cheesecake (50/50)
    Vaping King Banana & Custard (under a different name) (50/50)
    Triphammer Trifle Bakewell (50/50)
    Triphammer Copperberg Pear & Strawberry Cider (50/50)
    VapeHQ Ice Menthol (70/30)
    VapeHQ Turkish Delight (70/30)

    I have tried coils from three different suppliers/batches, I have verified all genuine, let the e-juice rest in the unit to ensure fully wicked (some cases overnight) I have tried four different air settings on the unit, I have tried short mouth to Lung inhales, Lung inhales, long gaps between uses, full tank, half tank, nearly empty tank. I have used a new coil with each flavour. I have tried dry burning coils. Normally I use the lowest settings for voltage & wattage possible although I have tried various other settings. I have tried dripping the eJuice into the coil, I have tried holding the button down a few seconds before inhaling, at the start of inhale and a few seconds after inhaling.

    Sometimes it will taste burnt on first inhale, but within a few mins everything burns. I have adjusted each variable I can and kept each variable constant but I can not make the aspire nautilus not burn.

    In short I have tried and tested every little thing that could possibly be a problem and have spent a small fortune on coils and e-liquids but I can not stop the burning either.
  • Like Tina said, we need to know what liquid you are using and which battery...
  • Posted a response yesterday. Waiting for the site to "review and approve"
  • This is my third attempt at replying. If the admin would approve my previous replies, the answers to the questions would've been posted that very same day :evil:

    Aspire battery CFVV set at the lowest 3.3 setting (figured start low and go higher) Have tried all settings, but still burnt taste no matter the setting of battery or airflow. Also used the cheapo eGo battery-figured maybe the Aspire batt may have too much power maybe for this Aspire tank hahaha! Yea, that's not it.

    Used 50/50 juice, not too sweet and tried 60/40 as well as 70/30 and also 100 VG (but figured higher VG may be too thick so quickly cleaned/changed juice and out new atomiser)

    Both 1.6 and 1.8 ohms

    Let all new coils sit in tank overnight just to make sure it was well saturated. Dry pulls for extra insurance. Still constantly has burnt taste--always from the second pull
  • greyci, I have a better way for you to prime your coils and prevent this.

    Put a few drops of liquid straight down into the Nautilus coil before you install a new one. This will speed up the priming process and ensure you don't have dry wicking material up against the coil.

    Once you assemble the tank from there, switch to the smallest airflow setting and take primer puffs until you stop seeing bubbles form in the tank. Let it sit for a few minutes then take another primer puff. If you don't see bubbles at this point you should have a fully primed tank and never experience dry hits.
  • Joseph, I saw that on my frantic Internet searches for fixes....that only worked for the first pull :(
  • None of the four replies are getting posted! Why?! Apparently I am to throw away my nautilus and find a better company.
  • Dear Customer,
    Sorry for delaying your post.
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.if use wattage adjustable battery,please make sure wattage can not exceed 6.5W.
    For our 1.8ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:4.2V-4.8V,use it with voltage adjustable battery.if use wattage adjustable battery,please make sure wattage can not exceed 12W
    We have passed your post to our engineer,For our nautilus series coil,we don't suggest high vg e-juice,for it is too thick for the coil to soak up e-juice.We have a test,if we have 50% or 70% vg proportion e-juice,the average life is 3-5days,please use low vg e-juice to have a try(for example 0%vg,or 10%vg)
    What's more,customer need to let the tank sit for awhile(5-6 minutes,no need for two days), to allow the coil to soak up the liquid, some people add some liquid to the coil before installing. After it sits for a little bit, you should take a few pulls, or dry hits. What you do is take a hit, but do not press the battery button. This pulls the liquid into the coil.
    If customer has got burn taste ,they need unscrew the device and clean it with water,dry it ,then change a new coil to have a try.

    Have a nice day!
  • Yada, it sounds like your liquid is too thick for the Nautilus coils if that priming method didn't work for you.
  • Hello,
    I have bought ten different boxes of nautilus mini coils and they all checked out, but they have a weird terrible taste. I have loved this system for years but what is the issue no one admits to and what are you going to do about it. I’m nursing my last good set of coils because I fear I am going to a new company.
    Please fix this problem!
  • @mizhollie Hello Vaper, if you have any problem with aspire product, please feel free to contact aspire service
    They will seek suggestion from aspire engineer for you.
    Have a nice day
  • Dear Customer,
    What kind of coils did you use? BDC or BVC coils?
    What is the resistance of your coils?
    What kind of battery did you use? What voltage did you use?
    What is the proportion for the PG:VG of your e-juice?
    How long did you use before you got burn taste?
    Best regards!
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