Base of tank broke off

Hi there, I have had my nautilus for over a month now, I use it at home. Today it fell over from a standing position on my night stand and the bottom park where it screws in broke off from the base and a spring popped out of the little holes on it. The pyrex did not break but the metal part did.

This was not a fall from nightstand to the floor it was from a standing to sideways position. After paying a decent amount of money for this product I expected higher quality. Is there a warantee on this product? Was there a defect in some of these products?

I would love to have a replacement base sent to me at no charge because these products are made for everyday daily use and for the money I have spent to purchase it you would think that it would last through a 4 inch tip over on a night stand.

I am not one of those people that complain about a product but this is something I decided to spend the money on so that I could have it for the long term and now I am left with a broken tank and no way to vape.

Please email me at [email protected] so we can discuss this matter.
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