cf mod doesnt turn on

Hello, my new cf mod only worked one day, now it doesnt turn on, what can be done?
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  • Dear carlosp,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    What is the capacity of your battery?
    Our CF MOD Overdischarge Protection,When battery cell voltage is less than 2.8V (low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF,the Orange LED light will blink 15 times.The battery will turn off.
    Please charge your battery to have a try.
    Notice:Our CF MOD battery will not charge a battery via the Aspire USB charger. You need remove the 18650 batteries out of our cf mod,and use the charger for the 18650 batteries to charge.

    Best regards!
  • Have the same issue 2 days old nothing blink fully charged battery i have been using and now nothing not a blink
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