BVC number of answer please

Hi. First post after lurking a lot and finally registering. I have searched this issue much without understanding the actual answer, so I'm sorry if this is a dead topic at this point.

The time frame of the designs on the BVCs is confusing.
While once referred to as "the new design", the BVC had changed to 2 holes to fix infamous flooding issues.
I was VERY happy about this, as it did indeed perfect the coils for my usage. Long life, great flavor, NO more gurgling like the "old" 4 hole version had.

However, now after reading around, I'm getting the impression Aspire has "gone back" to the 4 hole design, making it currently the "new" version.
As of today....what's the story?

I now have to cut out small pieces of electrical tape to cover the 2 extra holes to make it work right.
If you are listening Aspire, I think you will find I am not alone. Perhaps both 2 and 4 hole versions need to be available to satisfy the customer base?
Thanks for any replies.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for supporting aspire!
    We have passed your suggestions to our engineer,they pay attention to your problem.
    We will constant improve our products to provide customers a perfect experience.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Wish you all the best!
  • Thanks Tina, but you didn't answer the question(s).

    Is the current design 4 holes?
    Why was the 2 hole version introduced, then removed from manufacturing? (Is that true?)
    Is the 2 hole version really phased out of production, or can it become available again for us who prefer it?
    I don't know if/how anyone is not having flooding issues with 4 holes.
  • Dear NoSloppy,
    Sincerely sorry for missing your questions :(
    You are a kind person! :D
    4 holes on the coils and two larger hole in the base,this is the design for our new BVC coils.
    2 hole version on the coils and a large hole in the top,this is the design for our old BDC coils.
    Attach a picture for your reference:
    We don't remove our BDC coils from manufacturing.It is still for sale on our online store:

    Best regards!
    2.JPG 16.2K
  • Ok. Well I wish the BVC had only 2 holes to fix flooding issues. Too much juice gets in with 4 holes. It gurgles and floods constantly.
  • Dear Nosloppy,
    We have passed your suggestions to our engineer.Our engineer will take your suggestion into account.

    Best regards!
  • Im just a BVC user for 6 months, and I have never had a problem with flooding, gurgling, leaking, dry hits, anything of the sort. I have never had a problem with coil heads being DOA, although I dont try to push them to the limit. That is why I like Aspire products. Maybe Im just lucky.
  • When my mini Naut gurgles I will twist a small piece of paper towel into a really thin and long piece and gently press it thru the shaft into the coil, just for a split second. This seems to soak up what has "flooded" the coil without taking any juice from the wicking cotton. Then I carry on vaping as normal. I haven't noticed any detriment because of this.
  • NoSloppy" said:
    Ok. Well I wish the BVC had only 2 holes to fix flooding issues. Too much juice gets in with 4 holes. It gurgles and floods constantly.
    Absolutely. I'm not alone!
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