Aspire Atlantis Center Pin issue


I bought two Aspire tanks last night, one of them has the center pin sitting just slightly below the threads the other one has the pin sitting above the threads. Was there a defect in manufacturing. The one with the pin within only fires on my sigelei 100w with the pins adjusted. None of my hybrid connectors mods will fire it or my nemesis. Is there a way to fix this? I have no issues with the one that has the pin slightly below the threads.

Thank you
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  • Dear Vape703,
    We are sorry that we can not understand your problem very well. :(
    Would you please take a big clear picture to show your problem?We will pass the picture to our engineer department!
    Now in China,it is 9:00 in night,see you 11 hours later :D

    Best regards!
  • Actually the center pin needs to be slightly extended past the 510 threads (about 1/2 mm). Otherwise there is a possibility of shorting out the battery.

    If the center pin is flush or below the 510 threads, try tightening the coil down just a tad bit more. It will push the center pin out to make contact with the positive post in the battery.
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