Premium Kit squirts luiquid from the Atominizer through the

hi there purchased my aspire mini nautilus premium kit, very happy with the vape but lately when I press the button I have to pause because it squirts e liquid out the top, I have changed the atominizer which was good to start but is doing it again. Not very nice getting a mouth full of liquid just wondered if anyone else has this problem or is my product faulty.
Cheers reevo
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  • You're flooding.

    To clear, flick the assembly with drip tip away from you a couple of times.

    To prevent, increase the voltage slowly. Also try different air holes at the base.

    The basic rule is smaller air holes, lower voltage. Bigger air hole, higher voltage. But it is also dependent on PG/VG ratio of the e-juice. This is one of the nice features of the Nautilus tanks, as you can experiment to find the "sweet spot" for your e-juice, flavor, cloud preference.
  • Cheers guz for the reply, will give that a go.. Can you recommend any nice flavours quite like the cherry flavour, but thought I would experiment so bought banana and vanilla but abit sickly, Whats a good medium flavour, not so sweet.
  • Ooofff... recommending flavors. That's difficult, as taste is really subjective.

    I'm lucky that I have a local shop that has over 500 base flavors in stock, and they mix everything up right in front of you so you can add a little of this, a little of that, with your choice of PG/VG ratio, and nicotine level. And they are really inexpensive.

    I'm still playing around with my own formula for a vanilla rum. I like higher PG ratios, as I'm more of a flavor chaser than a cloud chaser. But I do have a sweet tooth, and like to chain vape. The two things that kill coils fast.

    But back on topic. Try looking around for a local shop that has a good vape bar, that will let you try before you buy. Hopefully there might be one nearby to you. And if your not PG sensitive, try a higher PG ratio as VG is thick and sweet by itself. Also remember PG produces less "cloud", VG produces more "cloud".
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