Awful leaking into mouth

Hi, I've had the nautilus aspire for about 2 months. I'm using it with an MVP 2.0. Immediately when I bought it, I was getting juice leaking straight into my mouth, only when I fired the unit. If I did a hit without firing the unit, there was no juice into my mouth.

I figured that for whatever reason, the coil wasn't fastening itself correctly in the unit. So instead of screwing the coil into the base, I screwed it directly into the chimney. Then screwed the base on. This seemed to solve the leaking problem almost completely. For a while it was working well, however now I seem to always be getting a pretty bad burning taste. I've swapped out coils, and juices and can't seem to solve the problem.

I would let to send the unit in for you guys to try it out and see that it is defective. I shouldn't have to screw the coil directly into the chimeny to get it to work. I'm using all verified authentic parts. 1.8 coils. And juices running from 50/50 to 70vg.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Please make sure you bought original coils and nautilus,not only just by checking the security code,but also by checking the packaging and print.
    what is the resistance of your coils?
    These days,we have a talk with our chief engineer(who invented these coils ) about the burn problem.
    We have a team do test every day that they use our own products at least 200 drags a day.
    Here are our chief engineer suggestion to use our products correctly:
    Some people asked that why we invented coils with different resistance coils ,not only for offering customer some different choose,but also because different resistance coils have different voltage and applicative battery requirement to make the coils work properly.
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.
    For our 1.8ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:4.2V-4.8V,use it with voltage adjustable battery,never use our 1.8 ohm coils with high-power wattage adjustable Mod,if once customer to use our coils with wattage exceed 15W Conscious or non conscious.the structure will be damaged,despite how low wattage customer used later,the burn taste will never solved.What's more,if voltage less than 4.2V,the quantity of heat is not enough,however the e-juice with high VG,the e-juice can not be atomized very well,then the leaking problem will happend.
    What's more,high proportion of VG e-juice or high sugar/sweetener content e-juice will also affect the coils life.we suggest to use our products with VG proportion less than 50%
    Have a nice day!
  • I am having the same issue with the new BVC coils. I get a steady light stream of liquid shooting into my mouth when I inhale.

    I thought I was using an eliquid that was mostly PG based. However when I looked it up I discovered it was 100% VG.

    I will try again with a different eliquid but I just wanted to confirm for other people to read Tina's tips above if you are using these coils.

    I hope the BDC coils don't go away.
  • Dear Ctrlv.Paste,
    Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!
    We don't stop manufacture BDC coils in nearly future,because,there are still some customers like them.
    Have a nice day!
  • BDC coils were waaaaaay better. Even with 50/50 rations I get juice in my mouth. With ratios of almost all PG I don't get as much juice but I do get some along with some gurgle as well but ONLY when firing. The single coils dont seem to be firing as hard and vaporizing as fast as with BDCs.
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