Wont turn on

I just got the aspire cfvv+ and used it through the first charge and plugged it in to recharge and charger accepted it turned red and began charging, next morning i take off charger and will not turn on. Based on what the paper it came with its an over discharge protection. When its on it blinks orange 15 times...wont turn on. Bought a new charger same thing charger says its charged based on green light, batt is orange, which is sating its below 3.5 v. Tried a 3rd charger same thing, What do i need to do to. make this thing work? Any help much appreciated , thanks
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  • It is never a good idea to leave a battery charging over night unattended.

    I also recommend only using the Aspire charger. If you have used an aftermarket charger you must confirm that is has an output of DC 4.2V 420mA.
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