Atlantis vs Nautilus Mini

I vape 100% vg at 22 watts will the Atlantis perform remarkably better than the Mini Nautilus in these conditions?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Aspire's Atlantis, this next generation tank system brings improved adjustable airflow and Sub Ohm coils that provides performance similar to even the best rebuildable atomizer.The atlantis is for cloud vapor chasers.
    If a products good or nice,we think it is told by customers.We welcome customers to tell us their experience about our Atlantis.Here are some reviews about the performance of our altantis,you can have a look and got your own answer.

    Our Our Atlantis is compatible with 20-30W wattage output batteries,Customers need check the wattage output is enough to fire our Atlantis,what's more,please make sure using wattage not exceed 30W,or you will burn the coils.What's more,if customer want get more vapor,they can use high VG e-juice ,but,please let the device stand up for several minutes(5-6 minutes) to let the coil soak up e-juice,Otherwise,customer will get burn taste easily.

    Best regards!
  • That really didn't answer my question...the question was will it be a significant improvement over the Nautilus Mini because I vape at 22 watts
  • There is no contest, the new Atlantis performs better on every level. The only drawback to the Atlantis is more liquid consumption.
  • Yes joseph is correct again lol..
    the Atlantis out performs all their tanks they got out on the mark today from Aspire.
    its so easy to take vapes from and powerful even with its Aspire CF Sub ohm battery it sparks up fast and nice.
    just uses up e-juice fast and you can get a over load of nicotine to fast too.
    so best bet use lower nicotine levels and smaller hits of vapes from it lol.
    or you could get dizzy and maybe even sick from it.
    and so far it seems their atomizer for this tank also last longer then the Aspire Nautilus tank..
    that ones atomizers die off in a days use.
    this ones I looked at the coils in side the atlantis atomizers and the coil is thick and big.
    thats one of the reasons why it puts out a huge vapes and the airflow holes are bigger too.
    it is almost effortless to inhale and take a good size vape from it.
    unlike the older tanks or e-cigs on the market.
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