Mini doesn't work/ taste good at all.

I just received my Aspire Mini that I ordered online from you, and it honestly doesn't work well. When I first got it, it read 2.6 ohms. After taking it apart it still is reading at 2.1, brand new out of the box, where my regular Apsire reads at the correct 1.8 ohms. I even tried to replace the atomizer, thinking it could have just been a faulty one, but the same thing happened. I love my regular Nautilus, but am very disappointed with this one, and would like a refund.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Really sorry to hear that.
    First you'd better show us how it doesn't work,You can sent it back to Aspire, so we can test and solve this problem.Or you can sent us a video show.
    Pls dont worry, Aspire will work this out.

    Thanks for supporting Aspire!
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