Aspire Nautilus (BVC) Coils burn out after one days use

Aspire Nautilus (BVC) Coils burn out after one days use !
I use a battery Ego C-twist 1000 and the most I used for voltage was 3.2v to 4.0v until I read on here the 1.8ohm coils use the voltage range of 4.2v to 4.8v then tried using them at that level of voltage.
and still they burn out and turn to duds after 1 days use.
and the type of Ejuice I use is Kamel cig brand 50/50.
I even cleaned out the tank and clean the coils as they suggested to some one else on this forums board.
and still after 1 days use burnt out to dubs.
I believe there is some thing wrong with the engineering of the coils.
they do not have a long lasting life like some of the old products coils on the other tank system.
I think it has to do with the coil wire it self.
so Aspire I strongly suggest you remake the BVC coils and use a different coil wire !
I seen thicker and stronger coils on other tank system and your coils from what I seen for coils are pretty thin and seem to be weak.
and so far what I seen for reports on this forums board every one who uses the Aspire Nautilus tank is having the same issue here.
so you can't say it's just one person out 1000 that just had this problem !
it seems to be every one who brought the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils and their from your website store.
so its not a knock off !!!
and I believe were every one brought the coils and had this problem you should have them remade and built stronger and send every one who has this problem you send them all a free pack of 5 New remade coils to them all !!!
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  • Your coils and are wicks could possibly be counterfeit. Make sure they are really tight. After you put the e-liquid in, always let it soak for at least 3-5 minutes and dry hit it to pull the liquid up through the wick. Scratch and look up the authentication sticker.
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