Cleaning new bvc coils

I recently purchased a Nautilus mini I noticed in the manual it is stated to not clean the bvc coil with water. I was curious if there was a suggested way to clean them, particularly when changing between e-juices?
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  • Dear Friend,
    As I known,not only the BVC coils but also the BDC coils can not contact water,otherwise,they will stop work.
    Our suggestion:you only can use a dry clean cloth to clean the surface of the coils softly(you could not touch anything of the coils inside ) or change a coil when changing e-juice.
    Thank you!
    May you have a nice day!
  • Hey Wrath, after you change liquids what I recommend doing after you refill and reassemble is switching your air flow collar to the wide open 1.8mm hole and firing your device then gently blow into the drip tip. You should see vapor leaving the air flow hole. I do this 3 or 4 times for about 3 or 4 seconds each time. You should no longer taste the old juice. This is just my opinion.
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