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How come Authentic Aspire BDC & BVC coils are cheaper in ebay most cases ebay powersellers are selling Authentic BDC& BVS Coils around £9.95 plus free delivery , Direct purchase of BDC & BVC replacement coils are £20 which is £12.74 plus shipping, is there anything Aspire can do at least match those prices ?
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  • Dear Customer,
    First we have no authorized seller on ebay,we can not assure it original.
    we often suggest our customer to buy our products from us directly or our authorized sellers:,not only for the safety,but also for the after-sale.
    We at Aspire value our customer’s safety and concern, assure customer of our levels of safety and consideration,but,although we work hard to guarantee the safety of our products, we cannot guarantee the quality or indeed the safety of the many counterfeit companies who work to imitate our products and materials.
    Many counterfeiters use low quality material to make some fake products that the appearance is nearly the same as ours,there are only a little tiny difference,they embezzle our brand to sell their low quality products with very cheap price,so,many customers are attracted to buy them,think them are Authentic,then complaint the low quality,which make us very worried.
    What's more,our pricing is according to our material,quality and the market,which are reasonable.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
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    Thanks for your explanation, but I've been buying Pack of 5 Nautilus BVC &BDC replacement coils from credible power sellers from eBay never have had any quality issues at all coils comes with Authenticity assurance in original box scratch and check sticker in place also if item is not authentic money back guarantee by eBay , I Would love to buy direct to contribute your business, it is not matter of disagreement with your pricing policy as you perhaps know that Fasttech sells non authentic Nautilus replacement coils at $ 8.95 which I'm not interested inferoir or cloned products as a loyal Aspire product user (3x Nautilus Tank 2x Aspire Vivi Nova 1X Aspire CE5,1XAspire ET_S) Simply asking why buying direct from Aspire is not equally priced as other Aspire sellers, naturally choice is yours. kind regards
  • Dear Sabih,
    There are many faker aspire products in eBay,for we really received some customers to complaint of them,we admit that there maybe some individual seller in order to promote their sales,they give up the profit to seller our products.
    As we stated,we often suggest our customer to buy our products from us directly or our authorized sellers,not only for the safety,but also for good after-sale.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
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