Brand-New BVC Coils Dry Hit

Hello, I'm using an Aspire Nautilus with authentic BVC coils on top of an iTazteMVP 2.0 battery. My VW is set to 7.5, and my juice mix is 50/50 PG/VG. Using this set up, and a similar set up before it, I haven't had any trouble with anything at all, except the occasional burn out when my juice is too sweet.


I've already posted on this, as well as sent a message to Aspire directly, but with no response yet.

I screw the atomizer in, turn it it right side up, and allow the juice to soak for a minute or so. I make sure to take a few cool inhales through my mod to draw the juice onto the coil. But low and behold, almost every single time it ends up a dry, chalky, burning, disgusting hit. In the last ten minutes I just went through an ENTIRE PACKAGE of coils. I'd put this down to human error, but after two years of vaping and double-checking with friends and shops, this comes down to bad coils.

I'd like an explanation, and a box of coils or a refund. I've already poured about $80.00 down the drain for just the dud atomizers. I don't want to pay for another for quite some time.
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  • You likely need to put a few drops of liquid straight down into the top of the coil when you have it apart, then reassemble and switch to the smallest airflow setting then take several primer inhales.

    After this it should feed normally. 50/50 liquids can sometimes cause issues with the Nautilus, but if you try what I mentioned above it should remedy it.
  • I thought it was just me. I.m very mechanical so I know it wasn.t something.I had done.

    I.m very frustrated with the Nautilus, both, coils. Since I started keeping track, out of 2 packs of regular coils and 4 packs of BVC.s I have had to discard 7 regular coils and 13 BVC coils. That.s a total of 4 whole boxes!!!! Why???

    I always add.some juice to my coils and do cool tight draws to prime the new coil.

    I would really like an answer to this issue! I have seen others witb the same issue on other forums.

    Please!!! Correct this issue, and work witb consumers to rectify the loss of many, many coils.adding up to quite a bit of money.
  • greyci, I responded to your post about this issue in another topic and gave you tips of how to prevent these dry hits. Particularly dropping liquid straight into the new coil to ensure good wicking before installing it.

    One other thing to suggest, your liquid may be better suited for the Atlantis. Even though you have said before you are using 60PG/40VG... the viscosity of liquids vary with brands depending on several things. For example, if the VG was diluted with distilled water or something along those lines...
  • I really have to recommend that you try purchasing your coils from Aspire directly, or from a different vendor. For one time.

    I have gone though enough coils that I lost count, and not one have been a dud. Everyone of them have performed as advertised. Fortunately, I have always purchased from Aspire directly, or from brick and mortar shop that I know that get authentic coils.
  • Have either of you (Lichfield, greyci) had any success contacting Aspire for reparation or have you just been given suggestions on what to do with future coils that you have been forced to purchase? It seems like maybe, just maybe, Aspire has produced hundreds of thousands of duds and doesn't want/need to atone for it. Sorry if I come off as disgruntled
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