Burning through coils

I am using an Aspire ET-S glass. I am burning through my coils repeatedly. I have gone through 5 in less than a week. Any info you can provide me would be great.
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  • bikermommyof3" said:
    I am using an Aspire ET-S glass. I am burning through my coils repeatedly. I have gone through 5 in less than a week. Any info you can provide me would be great.
    Just my thought:

    Its hard to say why you are burning through your coils I would definitely make sure they are authentic. I have one e-juice that I really like (danish) that I get from my local vape shop. I don't know if its sweetener they use or what it is but the BDC coils does not like that e-juice. I get two maybe three good vapes out of a BDC then it seems to start losing vapor production. Its only with that one e-juice though all the other e-juices I have work great with them. So in my opinion some e-juices can effect the life and performance of the coils. Most of my e-juices are 40pg/60vg and I can get usually over two weeks maybe out of a BDC. I also tend to chain vape to and I usually don't go over 8.5 watts I like a cooler vapor.

    Hopefully the Aspire associates can give you more info.
  • I would agree with the man above, make sure you have authentic Aspire coils.

    In any case, you will need to let us know what type of device you're using and if applicable what voltage/wattage you are vaping at.
  • My husband and I both are using Nautilus tanks. Both are flying through BVC's like crazy. We're using about 1 new atomizer per day. Haven't changed our juice to anything new. Checked the code, they're authentic. I'm getting kinda nervous having read the "vague" answers to other peoples posts so far. Everything is set right on the mods.
  • The original poster is using a standard glassomizer and there is really no helping her unless we know what type of device she is using and the wattage or voltage being used.

    I am an Aspire customer and been using the BVCs since they were released and I am only on my second BVC coil, the first coil had lasted me through roughly 60ml of juice and it was actually still working I just wanted to replace it due to a decline in vapor production at that point. This was on a mechanical mod at 10-12 watts.

    What mods are you both using snowwhite?
  • I had been using the ets with 1.8 ohm bdc coils. The coil that came with it lasted over a month. It was great. However, after that my authenticated replacement coils were only lasting 4 to 5 days. Changed batteries to an itazte vv set at 3.8 volts & 8 watts. Still burned through coils at 4 to 5 days.
    I then decided to switch to the nautilus mini using the 1.8 bvc coils with the itazte vv battery set at 3.8 volts & 8 watts hoping to get something that would last. I'm still only getting 4 to 5 days out of my coils.... Please help! Highly frustrated...
  • Dear Customer,
    The coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid all can impact the coils' life.
    Many users use the product without reading our manual, the coils are not screw into the hardware tightly, it will burn out quickly.
    What kind of e-juice did you use?(the proportion of the PG:VG)
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Thanks for the help. I may be over tightening them.
  • I was having an issue where I would use the coil a few times then they would stop working and my e-Lvt was stating non so it didn't recognize the coil anymore. I think lot of the issues with coils are the VG level of the juice. I did find a fix though so I can use them again. I ran them under warm water then blew them dry, let them stand awhile then re-installed and it started working again. That is the reason I am thinking VG to high. I will be going back to vapor shop and talking with them. I'm not sure what the VG on my Grape/Menthol is.
  • Look at your bottom part.

    If the tiny spring is missing, you're gonna burn all of them.

    If you fix this, all works fine and a coil last for weeks
  • Here's an example of how different flavors can affect the life of a coil:

    I have two flavors, a vanilla rum and an orange. Both 60/40 PG/VG, 6 mg nicotine. Each in a separate mini Nautilus, with 1.8 ohm BVC coils from Aspire's webstore (truly authentic) on Aspire's CC VV(+) batteries set at 4.3V verified with digital voltmeter. For experiment, I vape them equally (going back and forth through the day).

    The orange flavor, I have been able to go through 30 ml of juice on ONE coil (and still going).
    The vanilla rum, I have only been able to go through 7-10 ml of juice on ONE coil before I have to change it out (the flavor dies off, cloud level drops off, and the juice starts turning brown in the tank).

    It just shows that the ingredients for flavoring makes a difference in coil life. The sad part for me is that the vanilla rum is my personal favorite and would love to have the coil last longer. But I accept it, and keep spare coils with me because when they 'die' they die quickly.
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