My Aspire Mini Won't Unscrew

It's a very sad day my Aspire Nautilus Mini won't unscrew to be refilled. I don't tighten very hard because it already seems very hard to unscrew when refilling. This is very sad because I don't have anything else that has this much flavor. I've tried several times to unscrew this and aggressive patterning to help you unscrew the tank has literally digging into my fingers causing me to take a break.

I received it Aug. 1, 2014 from vapenw.

It was verified it to be authentic when received with the scratch on code on the box. If I break the glass tank and replace it with a new one what's going to stop this from happening again?

What options do you have to help me resolve this matter?

I really want to use this the flavor is amazing and I just received 10 new replacement coils that want to be used.

Thank You.
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  • Dear HappyVaper,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We suggest the use of soft lint free gloves or cloth, much like those used to clean eye-glasses, to help with the disassembly so that you do not scratch the glass tank.First screw the upper hardware tightly,then unscrew the base hardware.
    What's more,We also advise the application of just a few drops of e-liquid along both the sealing silicone and rim of the glass tank for the first using,would enable you to unscrew and detached the bottom half
    for refilling with greater ease and a less likelihood of damaging the clearomizor.
    Have a nice day!
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