Question about compatibility

Dear Aspire Team,
in the past few days I got two of your products, and I am extremely happy with them. The first was the BDC Vivi Nova Mini, and the second the Nautilus Mini. When I started using the BDC Vivi Nova, I was in vaping heaven. Until now I only used normal Vivi Nova Tanks and never new it could get this good. Today I got my Nautilus Mini with the new BVC coils and the increase in performance (vape, flavour) was again a real difference.

Because of that, I don't think I want to use anything else than BVC coils for a while. Now I saw your newest product on the market, the K1. My question is this: Can I use the BVC Coils from the K1 inside the Aspire Vivi Nova Mini instead of the regular BDC coils?

With best regards,
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