Nautilus Mini Flooding

I'm having issues with my new verified authentic Nautilus Mini. It seems to be leaking between the upper hardware and the coil head. (I have tried both of the supplied coils) Are the threads that hold these two together relied upon as a seal, or am I maybe missing an o-ring? The tank is occasionally stored on its side but never upside down.
The flavor from this tank is the best I've ever seen but mine is constantly spitting hot liquid through the mouthpiece. Thanks for your time.
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  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for using our products.
    For your problem,it may be something wrong with the seal ring in upper hardware(missing or broke,which make the upper hardware can not screw tightly to the coils head ) .
  • Ok, is there a way that I can get a replacement directly from Aspire, or do I need to speak with my retailer?
  • Dear Friend,

    Can you please firstly check the security code of your nautilus to know if it is original? And if it is, please kindly ask the retailer who sold it to you for the replacement, and the retailer will exchange from their previous dealer, and we will ask our direct distributors to be responsible for every of their partners. Thank you.
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