Bad batch of coils?

Recently bought 2 five packs of 1.8 Ohm from my local vape shop (scratched bottoms , verified aspire authentic). Both packs of BVC were missing their steel mesh rings on the coil head. Tested the coils on 2 different ohms meters and 3 diff VV / VW mods. Consistenly read coils at 2.1 ohm on all devices, momentarily at 2.0ohm for about 5 seconds. All coils had burnt taste right out of the package, regardless of pre-saturating etc etc etc.

I would really like to have this fixxed, I was in love with the nautilus until this catastrophe.
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  • Dear Customer,
    We are sure that all of our BVC coils have steel mesh rings on the coil head.
    Please make sure you got our BVC coils ,not the BDC coils.if there are BVC coils,there is 'BVC" on the black box.
    What's please make sure you got our authentic BVC coils,for there are so many counterfeiters around the market.
    If it is BVC COILS,but no steel mesh rings on the coil head,we think there are faker.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
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