Aspire CF VV+ not regulated

I recently purchased an Aspire CF VV+ battery with the beauty ring. I am using the battery with the new Nautilus Mini on the maximum voltage of 4.8v.

However, within 20 drags, there is a very noticeable decreased performance. After 40 drags, it is very unsatisfactory. I am properly charging the device and this is brand new. I'm hoping this is a defective unit and not an indication of all your batteries. Please advise. Thanks.
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  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for supporting Aspire!
    If it is your first time to use the battery after you got it?How long will it take to charge the battery?
    You can try to charge the battery again,then have a try,if it is the same result.If it is the same as before.
    You can firstly check the security code of your battery to know if it is original? And if it is, please kindly ask the seller who sold it to you for the replacement, and the shop will exchange from their previous dealer, and we will ask our direct distributors to be responsible for every of their partners.
    Thank you.
  • I am also experiencing this issue (CF VV 1000mah). Power seems fine at first but within a short space of time, no matter what voltage I select, it feels like I am only getting <3.7v. I have other batteries, including a VV EVOD Twist, and don't suffer this issue even after prolonged use.
    It also seems to take far longer than expected to charge fully.

    PRODUCTS CERTIFIED GENUINE (using security codes and bought from reputable retailer)
    CF VV 1000mah
    K1 BVC
    4.2v 420mah charger (not aspire but specification meets criteria in aspire manual)
    Regulated wall charger
  • Dear Alex,
    How do you judge the voltage of your battery drop?By the vapor?how many drags did you get when the battery flash 10 times to show low voltage?
    "It also seems to take far longer than expected to charge fully."I meet a same problem to charge my cellphone,I leave my charger home,so I used my colleague's charger(not the original) to charge my cellphone,it take about 9 hours to full charge,so terrible,because it only take 2-3 hours to full charge with the original,I think it is the same reason to explain your problem.Please use another charger to have a try to charge your battery.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
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