Atlantis Coil

I'm a radio show host and I love the Atlantis BAR NONE!!! This could be self explanatory but here goes. :shock: Can the coil be cleaned somehow to give it a longer life without destroying it's awesomeness? :?:
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  • Dear BamaHunter
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    Wow,I listen to the radio often,I like music and story show most.I have 3 radios :D
    Honest enough,there is no good way to clean the coils thoroughly,because,the coil can not be washed by water.
    We suggest our customers to change coils when change different flavor of e-juice,or,they will get not pure flavor for the first several puffs.
    Customer can disassemble the device,wash the device with water,customer use Q-tip to help clean the corner.

    Best regards!
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