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So i cant seem to figure out how to remove the glass from the atlas any help would be appreciated. :D
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  • You must remove the bottom half with the air flow adjustment.

    Now grab the top half of the stainless with the "Aspire" logo and pull hard while slightly twisting the glass and it will pop out.
  • I'm hoping I posted this in the correct place.

    Have the Aspire Atlantis tank, works fine on my DNA 30's (2) does not fire up on any mechanical mods, not my Aspire CF MOD, Nemesis, Beyond Vape Sage nor the Panzer Blackhawk. All other tanks and atty's swap and fire fine but the Atlantis. It's can't be a no contact with the center pin issue, the Nemesis can be adjusted to fit any tank with a 18650 35 amp battery.

    A little help here please. I really don't understand why it would not work especially with the Aspire CF MOD.
  • Dear toban715,
    Please make sure that the coil was screwed to the base hardware tightly.Customer need screw the coil to the base hardware tightly.And very refilling,customer need check it.

    Best regards!
  • Yup, that was it. Saw a comment about screwing the coil to the chimney first to get a bit more juice in the tank then screw the deck on. Well, that keeps the 510 pin from popping out to make maximum contact.

    Once i reset the coil in it's proper position (the deck) it works perfectly. Very nice tank setup, you have a winner IMHO. Now for the version 2, 1 or 2 more ml of juice capacity and maybe a slightly high ohm coil option, you should cover a much larger group of users I would think, thanks again.
  • Dear Toban715,
    We have passed customers requirement for larger capacity tube to our engineer.
    Our engineers took customers requirement in mind.Maybe customers will see larger capacity alantis in future.

    Best regards!
  • I got my Apsire Atlantis tank about 2 weeks ago and love it!
    Yesterday I went to unscrew it from my Hana Mod and the bottom
    came off now I can seem to put it back on. What do I do.

  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    What is your problem? Is your problem that you can not replace your glass tube?

    If it is convenience of you to take a picture to show your problem?

    Best regards!
  • Sorry for not being clear on the issue.
    The threaded bottom base of the tank came completely off.
    I removed the tank from my devise and attempted to unscrew
    the bottom to refill it

    IF you still need a picture please let's know.
  • Dear Customer,
    Please send your problem to our,they will pass your problem to our enginner.
    We need below information:
    The security code of your Atlantis
    A clear picture to show your problem.

    Have a nice day!
  • I just sent a message to with pictures from my personal email address. if you need anything else please let me know
  • If our service need anything else,they will contact you.
    Have a nice day!
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