Aspire Needs Quality Control on Nautilus Bottom Hardwares

I have since Sept.06.2014 been buying Aspire Nautilus products. I keep a running list on a spread sheet of the products and checked security codes and have realized i am invested well into this product line now. I'm a big fan of the performance of the BVC, the mini and the Nautilus tanks as i don't get the flooding i did with the Kanger line i was buying before. Plus the BVC is a great one. BUT.... to my dismay i am now wondering which product line is going to be my next choice as i don't like the apparent lack of QC going into the Nautilus bottom hardware. When i buy a tank that is more premium priced then many others i expect the QC of the Aspire product, especially the way it is presented and marketed to me, to stand up and be accountable. The price is secondary. I had no choice but to buy another Nautilus tank kit because between the price of the replacement bottom hardware assembly, the shipping cost and the waiting time it was the better choice for me to make at the time. Less than a month and that Nautilus tank's bottom hardware fell apart completely, couldn't even be fixed and therefore was rendered useless to me. Now it sits on a shelve and is only a donor tank for pieces if ever needed.(other than for bottom hardware needs.) Aspire seems to go to great lengths to avoid any warranty replacements or even notifications of what they warranty for that matter as i haven't found their policy posted yet at least. What's the deal here Aspire? Are you or are you not willing to stand up and be accountable on your claims of your product's quality or not? You might try placing the same bottom hardware onto the larger Nautilus as you have on the Mini as it seems that the Mini's is far superior both in it's material and it's tinsel strengths. The larger Nautilus has a thin tin like feel and indeed is badly noted to fall apart leaving us high and dry in most cases that I've reviewed so far. Even the new replacement Nautilus kit that i had to purchase has a extra weak air select ring. That ring doesn't click hardly at all and on the largest vent hole, which is my number one choice to use, it does not click there at all even. My Nautilus Mini so far has not given me any issues. Yet i want to use the larger Nautilus as my all day tank because i am putting in 150 kilometers per day away from my goods at home and i want a volume tank that will hold 5 ml of juice to last that time away. Fix the design of the bottom hardware on the larger Nautilus tank as the rest of it is fine and performs like beast like a good tank should. BUT... I am totally put off by the way it fell apart, the lack of warranty to replace it. (and i don't appreciate being told instead to go purchase this and that to fix such a tank after only a couple of weeks after i purchased it.) This matter is making my good take on your products start to go a bit hazy. Seriously, i have purchased your Nautilus BVC Atomizers by the boxes, Nautilus Replacement Tank with Hollowed-out Sleeve, Nautilus Mini Replacement Tank with "T" Window Sleeve, Nautilus Mini Tank, and now because of the bottom hardware on the larger Nautilus tank i have been FORCED to purchase 2 Nautilus Tanks which only 1 of them has any real value to me (and i was thinking on purchasing 1 or 2 more of those larger Nautilus tanks. But, now I'm not so sure as i'm not feeling as comfortable as a result of what took place on the first larger Nautilus tank i purchased and your lack of warranty support to remedy it with).
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  • Dear Madcowjack,
    Of course we will be responsible for every our product, so we have required all of our direct distributors to send the replacement once finding defect, and when the customers find their aspire are with quality issues, the should first to check the security code of their tanks and then ask the seller for placement.
    We suggest our customer to buy our products from our authorized seller:,not only for the safety,but also for the after-sale.
    Every brand is not perfect from the first time,they need time to be better and better,Iphone from 1 version-6 version,windows from 1 version-8 version,we also try our best to constantly improve our product to provide customer a perfect the airflow adjustable system,hollowed-out sleeve,new bvc coils.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • I recently purchased my first Aspire Nautilus Mini system, and after only seven days, it fell apart.
    I reached up to my shirt pocket, and found it in three pieces. Wasn't dropped or banged in any way.

    The "bottom hardware" came apart from the main unit allowing the "airflow adjustment ring'" to come off.
    When I try to put it back together, there is considerable flop and slack, and I find no way to hold it all back together.

    I am awaiting reply from uvaper, the US wholesaler, and according to their site, there is a $10.00 fee PLUS shipping charges for covered warranty work.
    That adds up to more than I paid for the thing to start with!
    If this is the best service and warranty they offer, I'll not buy Aspire product again!
  • @Jimmie

    Did you check the authenticity scratch off on the package when you got it?
    There are quite a lot of fakes out there! Your best first recourse is to return it to the retailer where you purchased it from.
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