authentication codes

We are a reseller of your products in the uk ( we buy directly from you )
One of our customers checked the authentication code on a pack of coils on your website and told us that the message he recieved was that the code he had was genuine but had been checked 4 times ?
Is this correct ? we assumed each code was individual .
Our customer is now asking us how does he know his product is genuine ?
Could you please tell us how we can answer him ?

Steve NuSmoke UK
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  • Dear Steven,
    First thank you for supporting Aspire.
    Since you order directly from Aspire,the authentication code had been checked for 4 times.
    It's impossible.
    Yes,each code is individual,so this thing cannot be happened.
    Would you mind telling me the Security code to my email([email protected])?
    We will check this out and give you the answer later.
    Thanks for your time.

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