authentication codes

We are a reseller of your products in the uk ( we buy directly from you )
One of our customers checked the authentication code on a pack of coils on your website and told us that the message he recieved was that the code he had was genuine but had been checked 4 times ?
Is this correct ? we assumed each code was individual .
Our customer is now asking us how does he know his product is genuine ?
Could you please tell us how we can answer him ?

Steve NuSmoke UK
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  • Dear Steven,
    First thank you for supporting Aspire.
    Since you order directly from Aspire,the authentication code had been checked for 4 times.
    It's impossible.
    Yes,each code is individual,so this thing cannot be happened.
    Would you mind telling me the Security code to my email(
    We will check this out and give you the answer later.
    Thanks for your time.

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