Possible counterfeit coils

I recently bought a box of BVC coils for my Nautilus mini. I checked the security code and it said it was genuine. However, my friend, who runs a vape shop, said he didn't think they were genuine for a number of reasons. First, the box does not have the yellow BVC sign, the lettering on the foil wrqppers looks fainter than on genuine coils, the enscribing on the coils is not as sharp as on the genuine coils, and finally, the meshes inside the coils don't sit centrally. My friend thinks that counterfeit BVC coils have been put in genuine BDC boxes. Is there any way of checking this?
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  • Dear John,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    It is easy to tell your coils faker or not,for our bvc coils,there is "BVC" on the black box,and a regular mesh in the coils.while our BDC coils have not the mesh.
    So what your bought are faker.
    Have a nice day!
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