Deep cleaning the Nautilus Mini tank

I own the Nautilus Mini for 3 months now. Been using it constantly.
After a while, some of the e-liquid I've used has gone under the silicone white rubber at the upper layer of the bottom piece. Sinking the bottom piece in hot boiling water won't make the original white of the color come back because the juice is stuck somehow underneath.
Some deep cleaning is involved. Is there any way to crack-open the bottom piece so I can clean the atomizer more thorough?
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  • i had the same problem. they sell these grips to help unscrew glass jars. use it to unscrew the bottom of your tank. screwing it too tight can break the rubber seal which would damage the air seal, just make sure its tight enough but don't go too crazy

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    You can take off seal gasket and reassemble to the basic hardware and take the rubber seal gasket off and clean it. that's what works

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    Do you mean the connector pin under the base hardware?(Attach a picture,please check if it is)
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  • No, I mean the silicone that prevents the leakage of the e-liquid. It a got a bit dirty and I believe some e-juice went underneath it.
  • Oh,I see!
    The rubber seal gasket can be took off and reassembled to the base hardware!
    You can take the rubber seal gasket off,use a swab to help clean the corner!

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