Lost O-ring from drip tip nautilus mini

I bought the last month 2 starter sets with nautilus mini so I can go from one e-liquid to another.and I have always a battery that is fully charged. Last week I lost the O-ring on the base of my first nautilus drip tip. Today I have the problem with the second one. Result: the drip tips are not keeping on the nautilus as the o-ring is missing. This has happened twice in one week! Is this normal and what is the cause? I have looked on the website and you cannot order the little O-rings separatly. So I ordered the drip tips. But at this paste I better order an entire box. Thanks in advance for the suggestion.
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  • @Sephira Nice idea with the dental floss. I have one O-ring on a drip tip that is wearing out, but my Nautilus is almost two years old so I can't really complain. I have other O-rings, but they don't fit correctly on these drip tips. These are flat like rubber bands, so will be hard to replace. It definitely would be a good idea for Aspire to sell them individually, maybe in a pack of 10.
  • You lost the O-rings off the drip tips? Wow, that's impressive. I've tried to take them off, and it takes quite a bit of effort. I have to use a sharp object to lift them out (toothpick for example).

    One nice thing is drip tips are somewhat interchangeable. Meaning that if you are desperate, you can go to a local vape shop and get new ones. Granted, they might be more expensive, and possibly more ornate. You also might see if they have extra O-rings that might fit.

    Because of "A notification about Chinese National day!-7 days out work" It might be a bit before an official answer can be obtained.
  • The o-rings shouldn't come off that easily that is weird. I have quite a few Naulitus tanks full size and Mini's and have never lost a o-ring. My first Nautilus that I purchased in February, the one I'm still using the most every day has never had the o-ring fall off and I remove the drip tip often to get the excess condensation out.

    Hopefully the o-rings on those new tips you ordered stay on better.

    Now watch I bet I just jinxed myself and I'll start losing o-rings lol
  • Yes, it is strange. I do not understand it myself. I only wash them with light soapy water and rince them with water and dry them with a paper towel. That can not be the problem I suppose.
    Curious to see the solution and cause
    Meanwhile I fixed my problem with sewing thread around the base of the drip tip and that works fine and you can still clean your drip tips
  • I lost mine as well during cleaning. Luckily I have many parts and pieces from past inferior units.

    All I can say is that is a common size gasket, I stole one from my parts and pieces of other inferior units.
  • I had the same problem, my O-Ring came out while cleaning the tank and the drip tip has become too loose now. I think the water i used might have been hotter then what was required. I live in India and the vaping market is very limited. I had to search was a month before i found a guy who sold nautilus mini. Now i doubt i would get a new drip tip :-(.
  • Dear Sniper,

    Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!

    You can buy our products from us directly through our online store:https://online.aspirecig.com/

    Customers can just buy the drip tip for the nautilus mini from our online store,here is the link"https://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-nautilus-mini-accessories-p-79.html"

    We can ship to India.

    Have a nice day!
  • Hmmm I just noticed that the O ring around the drip tip that seals is somewhat frayed around the edges.... like pieces of rubber coming of the top if it. I wonder if this is an issue as far as seal comes into play and the constant excess fluid in the air tube. It still stays in place pretty well, but you can actually see the frayed rubber sort of sticking out of where it connects.
  • @Sephira the seals on the tank are for leakproofness.
    If it messed up,which will affect the leakproofness.
  • For what it's worth I have lost a few O-rings from the Nautilus style drip tips - it happens when you clean them and then dry them - it seems if you grip too tight with the paper towel while twisting and drying them the O-ring stretches and comes out of the groove.

    I am now very careful when drying them to check they are still in place - even now, sometimes, I find the O-ring in the paper towel instead of on the tip!
  • @woodbar I fixed that issue by wrapping wax floss around the grove.... I could purchase a new drip tip or seal, but for now, I use the floss to keep it in place lol =)
  • @Watkijw Agreed @ Selling those in a pack of 10. It's hard to find those O-Ring bands especially ones that fit, hence why I use the dental floss. It's tacky but gets the job done.
  • Try wrapping some silicone sealing cord (it is rather thread or fibre imo) around the driptip, the same type of sealant plumbers use to seal threads on (water) pipes (the old traditional way of plumbing when you have metal pipes with threads that you screw together :-) You can get this cord in any hardware shop I guess. It is similar to silicone tape (you may use the tape as well I guess) but comes in fibre-like form. See here: http://eshop.i-fasteners.com/tangit-uni-lock-pipe-sealing-cord-160m-20m-1368281-1506
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