Nautilis tank broke after after only 1 month!Can I Exchange? ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

My name is Joe Goff and I purchased the Nautilis mini from your website 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have had much trouble with it. At first, I was tasting the liquid when vaping. I made sure to use approved fluids and only used it at the right voltage levels. Yesterday, when attempting to refill the unit (as per your included instructions) and the glass cracked a little bit to my surprise. I was VERY surprised such a quality product would break soo easily. PICTURES ATTACHED

I own a chain of tobacco/vape shops in PA known as Tightwad Tobacco. where we sell vaping products. In addition, I manage a forum on on vaping. I am a moderator for 2 digital video blogs on vaping.

Being how I just bought this product (Order Number: 201402808
Date Ordered: Tuesday 26 August, 2014​), I was wondering what are my options for an exchange? May I please return this unit for a replacement???

Please let me know what actions I need to take, pictures are attached.

Thank you for your time.

Joe Goff
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