Aspire's use of brass/chrome in Nautilus & Atlantis chimneys

Hi, I am having concerns.

Chrome and brass is poisonous, chromium is carcogenic and can cause cancer. Aspire has made products where the chrome/brass are directly in contact with the juice, and not telling is even bader. This makes me think that Aspire isn't taking their customers health seriously. The atlantis tank i am told also have this issue.

Will you replace these hazardous products with safe parts?

Would appreciate an official statement from Aspire for this issue.

Kind regards,
erlin" said:
hello Tina,

Your service department () replied :

"Dear Customer,
The chimney is made of brass, and the surface is chromed,you can say it is made of chromed brass.
When it is long using,the chrome on the surface will lost,and the brass will appear.
For the chimney is not easy to made of 100% stainless steel.
Have a nice day!"
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