Possible refund?

I got my mini nautilus around the end of August and had always been pleased with the vapor production and the tank in general, other than how complicated it is to open and such, but is still easier than the full size version. Recently a problem developed where the coil would never come out, whenever it's opened by the bottom on it's own, or if you were trying to open it with your fingers. This quickly led to the coil flooding, tank not working at all and I'm not able to get the coil out to fix it. I'm wondering what I should do and if it would be possible to get a replacement, as it's frustrating that it's only worked for as long as the amount I spent on the tank, thanks.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We suggest the use of soft lint free gloves or cloth, much like those used to clean eye-glasses, to help with the disassembly so that you do not scratch the glass tank.First screw the upper hardware tightly,then unscrew the base hardware.
    What's more,We also advise the application of just a few drops of e-liquid along both the sealing silicone and rim of the glass tank for the first using,would enable you to unscrew and detached the bottom half
    for refilling with greater ease and a less likelihood of damaging the clearomizor.
    If there is e-juice on the coils and your hands,it is so slippery to use power,so try to use a cloth to help with the disassembly
    Have a nice day!
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