Coil Strength Changes


When I put a new atomizer into my Aspire Nautilus my Joyetech Evic displays it correctly at 1.8 ohms. I have found that over time the Evic will display that the atomizer has changed to 1.9 ohms.

Furthermore, now that I have used the Nautilus for a few months I instantly get an initial reading of 1.9 ohms on a brand new 1.8 coil that I insert. I keep the voltage pretty low and do not fluctuate it very much.

The other issue I have found is that the Nautilus tank sometimes forms into a tilt to the point where the airflow ring can be slightly moved up and down. I was able to fix this one time by taking it apart and applying pressure on it until I heard it snap back into place. I am just wondering why this happens and what is the correct way to fix it.

And just one more - Sometimes I find that due to the large size of the tank my e-liquid goes stale before I can vaporize it all. Any suggestions?
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  • Dear Friend,
    Thank you for supporting Aspire.
    Now answer your questions one by one:
    First,I have checked with our engineer,it is normal that the resistance changing under a reasonable area,when using ,with the temperature increasing ,the resistance will also increase.What's more,our coils are weldless fitting,they are surface contacting through a insulated ring,it exists surface Micro resistance,if we use normal resistance tester like:battery and multi-meter,it is inaccurate,we must use professional Micro resistance machine to test.
    Second,if the airflow ring can be slightly moved up and down,it maybe something wrong with the spring and pin,when the pin loosen,the airflow ring can not catch the base hardware tightly,so when you take it apart and apply pressure on it,then it is ok. You can replace the spring and pin,which you can buy on our online,Attachment is "How to reassemble the base hardware of nautilus" for your reference .
    Third,it is important that the time of coils soaking into e-juice can not be too long,it it good for 3 or 5 minutes,otherwise,it is easy to cause leaking , e-juice enter into mouth or e-liquid goes stale,if the coils soaking into e-juice too long .
    I hope all these suggestions can really help you!Thank you and have a nice day!
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