Aspire Nautilus coil faults

After using Aspire products and finding that their quality and performance were excellent i decided to upgrade to the Aspire Nautilus 5ml tank. I have been using the tank for approximately 6 months now and i have been extremely disappointed with the standard and quality of the products Bdc coils! I Buy the coils in a pack of five and on all three occasions there has been 1 faulty coil in each pack. I am sure i am not the only person that has experienced this problem! Although the tank itself is a fantastic product and delivers unrivalled performance, i am now considering using a rival product!
A very Dissapointed Customer
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  • Dear Friend,
    We are sincerely sorry for knowing about the problem.
    The BDC using the dual coils, which is strict on wicks, so it is really easy to burn, so we developed the BVC coils, these coils are without wick inside, the technology has upgraded the structure and function, so these coils will work more long than BDC coils.
    We generally recommend our BVC coils to you !
    Sorry again,Your kindly understanding will be highly appreciated!
    Have a nice day!
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