Aspire Nautilus coil and leaking issues

I purchased the Natilus 2 weeks ago and since have had nothing but problems with it. I took it to the shop i purchased it from and they said it was genuine ect... anyways , the coils gum up terribly within a tank so out of the 2 coils i received for the unit the 1.6 and 1.8 both have failed and now rendered this 40 dollar product useless. I have followed everyones directions and advice to contact you about this cause i was told certain runs of these had this issue. I used two seperate juices so i cant blame the juice , i have a variable volt Tesla Mod that has never messed up any of my other tanks. Can I lease get a replacement? I have everything but the first coil :(

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  • Dear Kyle,
    Thank you very much for supporting Aspire!
    Can you please firstly check the security code of your nautilus to know if it is original? And if it is, please kindly ask the seller who sold it to you for the replacement, if they are so irresponsible, how can their business last tong? Then the shop will exchange from their previous dealer, and we will ask our direct distributors to be responsible for every of their partners.
    And please tell us, if they don't exchange, we will cancel their qualification to sell aspire products!
    Notice for your reference:For your problem,it is due to coils burn out,The coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid all can impact the coils' life.
    Many users use the product without reading our manual, the coils are not screw into the hardware tightly, it will burn.And the BDC using the dual coils, which is strict on wicks, so it is really easy to burn, so we developed the BVC coils, these coils are without wick inside, the technology has upgraded the structure and function, so these coils will work till more long than BDC coil,you can buy the BVC replacement on our online

    Thank you!
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